Thursday, 26 February 2009

Well isn't it a drag.

I owe some photos, I do believe.
Not much has really been happening this week. S'cuz of school, school makes everything boring and bleh. S'just been one big blur of tiredness, really.
However, due a slight lack of organisation on the big eye mobile front, I still have the SLR. 'Til Sunday. Woot :) I am going to Monmington on Saturday again for some more SLRage.

I'm considering bringing my guitar on Saturday. Do you think it'll rain? hmmm.

Anyways, here is Tuesday's photo.

Tuesday 24th Feb, 09

I don't know. I was considering doing something vaguely along these lines for this cycle I've entered on some photography group on bebo (lol), the theme for task one was 'all about colour'. Dani is also in the cycle and met up with Catherine to take photos for the modelling cycle SHE'S in, the theme was jobs, her job was an artist. Which as you can see ties in rather well with the colour theme. Hmphh. Her photos were quite epic. Mine was quite pants. Here was my entry.

I, personally, dislike this. I mean, it's well done I suppose for what it is, but it's borrrrrrrrrring. I soo wish I could have had time to meet up with people so I could have had a model. Oh well, more tasks to come, if I get through.

But yeah, the painty-wally photo was Tuesday's photo. As you can probably tell, I didn't actually paint the wall. It's been 'shopped. So yeah, I thought I'd try out that one idea I had even though I already had an entry. Didn't go quite according to plan, mainly cuz I hate modelling for myself because I'm most certainly not what I consider a model. (see a few posts below.)

Wednesday 25th Feb, 09

Errm, this is my hand. Admittedly, and I apologise, this photo was not taken by me (as you might have guessed). It was taken by Rhys. Quite why he took this photo I do not know.. oh yes, I wanted the camera back (hence my hand was like that..) and he was on a 'musttakephotosofeverything;D' mish and so took a photo of my hand. I will take all the photos in future, I promise.
I thought it looked quite cool. Meh.
...I will also try to make photos more interesting in future. :)

Thursday 26th Feb, 09

Here's todays photo(s). I know, it's a rather tacky lil montage. But it's my guitar because I have been playing it a lot in the past few days, so I thought it'd make sense for it to appear here. I should name him, really.

Well that's photos caught up on.
It's non-uniform tomorrow (again...), I'll bring SLR into school again. Might go take some photos round Caldicot in first, got a free and can't go in late cuz the road from Llanishen to Devauden is closed from 9 'til half 3 ¬_¬
Ah welllll.


Lawriet said...

there was little else to photograph in that rise room damn it! :p and i like dthat montage :3

Hazel said...

Ta :)
And I knowww, rise room's gay :(