Wednesday, 4 March 2009

I'm going to do this now or I just won't.

I can't remember when the last photo day was.. *checks*.. ahh 26th.

Okay, well.. I don't have much else to say so I'll just stick some photos up.
I've failed at a photo a day, reeally sorry.. nothing happens in my life.. having no SLR makes it hard for me to take pictures the way I'd want to, so I don't take many. I'll continue to put photos up for the days I do have, though (:

Saturday 28th Feb, 09

I have three for you from saturday, you lucky people. That makes up for the missing days, yup.

Click on the one below, it's a panorama, you MUST click on it for fullsize.

We went on a walk to some place in Monmouth.. (whitehill, was it?). It was lovely, we must do it again in the summer, but perhaps avoid adders.. ><

I did quiiiiiite a bit of editing here... I think it made quite a good overall effect though (: Hopefully it will do well.
Yeah, the results for the other task were as I expected, but I didn't expect some of the other entries to be marked quite as high as they were... but oh well.. 8-)
At least they knew I was capable of better pictures than that.

Supposed to be starting another cycle comp on another group soon.. theys taking forever to start it up though.

Ohhhhhhhh Big Eye open day this Sunday (: Y'am dragging Danielle and Laura along, they WILL enjoy it and they WILL have fun. Sfine. Catherine and I are supposed to be leading the music workshop.. I expect this will involve Catherine saying things that make no sense then laughing at herself and everyone else being like o.O then me having to translate what she just said into people speak (in this case, English). :) But we will see. Catherine's gutted she couldn't do the drama workshop :P we's getting professionals to do it instead. Nathan and Stacey, from the Wanted reshoot. No, not Gavin and Stacey. I do, however, keep accidentally calling them that.

Ahh well. Should all be fun.
Ooh and Rhys' Valentines pressie for me finally arrived yesterday and he gave it to me today.. it's lovely (: It's a photobook you compile yourself using software then it gets printed and sent to you and shiz. He wrote lovely things and :3 I loves him.

I have been attending the gym regularly over the past 2 weeks. I am proud of me. 2 whole weeks in a row. Unfortunately, however, I do not feel any fitter. Or thinner. Or anything really. I suppose I'm a bit stronger.. maybe? I have found out that my legs are weaker than my arms. This amused my mother greatly, she suggested I walked around on my hands from now on. My mother's cer-azy. I have been gyming with Rhys for some of the time.. although only 1 of the 4 sessions this week was he there with me :( And yes I know, 4 sessions, how is that a week? Well, I cannot go to the gym on Monday for I simply do not have the time. What with music after school and all that. So Tuesday period 4 is a gyming sesh for both week 1 and 2 because Tuesdays are fail.. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday after school.
I'm sure you are finding this a thrilling read. I sure am having fun typing it.

I finished the book my sister made me read.. it was actually really good. I've stolen the next in the series from her room.. she'll never know, sfine. I advise people read it. S'got me all wapanesey again. 'Across the Nightingale Floor' by Lian Hearn. Go'n read.

Well I'm off until I next have something to ramble about or some more photos to bore you with. Baibai >.^


Anonymous said...

Rhys loves you too :)
and 2 weeks is just the beginning, you must keep going for months YEAARRRSSSS! :o

I still don't think your arms are as strong as your legs, it's just the way those machines work. Think about it like this; if legs are normally stronger, why are there more and heavier weights on the arms than legs? It's just the way the machines are, not you as a person :p

Smaitlin said...

ive read across the nightingale floor!

i read it about 2 years ago....i could never fing the 2nd one though D: