Saturday, 14 March 2009

Watch as we all fly away.

I'm sorry. I have no new photos at all.
I was intending to take some yesterday, what with it being red-nose-day and fancy dress at school.
But no one seemed to know I was dressed up and I was sat opposite the toilets in deepweir by myself for an hour in the morning which didn't exactly fill me with comic relief cheer. Then when Rhys did turn up he was not only not dressed as V, for which I had brought a hat in for, but he wasn't even in non-uniform.
So not really a photo-taking-worthy day at all.
Plus the whole having a 2 hour drama mock exam didn't help in the 'D<'ness.

So it would appear the only day I can take photos now is Sunday. Because sunday means SLR and people. *sigh*

I only went to the gym once this week as well. Meaning I feel all flabby and lazy again D: Not that it made me not feel flabby before.. just, yknow, felt like I was doing something to destroy said flab.
Sfine, I'll go lots next week.

Ohh actually I do have something for you. You know my media coursework? With the magazine covers? I had to make a contents page for the production half, here it is.

I think it looks too simplistic, but it'll do ><
OMG I just wrote out loads of stuff here talking and rambling and stuff, then I switched to the 'edit html' tab and it DELETED IT ALL. DDD<
STUPID BLOGGER. I will now attempt to recall what I had just written.

I think it is alright, however I think I airbrushed Caitlin too much. It looks like that anyway.. I didn't really do much to that pic of her.. she didn't really need airbrushing at all I guess.
Media coursework deadline is this Monday, ysee. I finished all this and the essay on Wednesday, which is shocking. I've never finished a big piece of epically important coursework 5 days before the deadline before :o Or any coursework, for that matter.
Probably not a good thing.

No one really reads this blog. I need to make it more interesting, really. Perhaps I'm just too much of a boring person.
Suggestions would be appreciated.

I was considering making a freeweb. I would really like to make an actual website, but I cannot afford it. Plus I think I'd fail at coding quite epically and so end up copying a template but then not like the template so I would attempt to change it and fail and then it just wouldn't work at all and I'd end up smashing my monitor lots. Maybe I could revive my piczo, if piczo wasn't so shite.
Perhaps I should stick to the freewebs idea.

Ooh, I do have something else for you. I am in another retarded bebo cycle photography competitiony thingy. Here is task one, theme 'emotion'.

I loved those faces, srsly. I made a '¬¬' and ':o' one as well, because I was originally gonna do this pic with all 4, but they wouldn't fit on. I did this kinda thing as well...

But I don't think it looked as good.
It gets marked today, I think. What are the chances it actually is, though? Low. Very low.

I just cut a pair of shorts that had already been cut from jeans into shorts into even shorter shorts. Why? Because I wanted to see if I can wear short-shorts without my flab intruding too significantly.
Conclusion: I think I should stick to admiring other people's fashion senses. Attempting them myself just doesn't work.
It might if I go to the gym a lot.
I can't even wear the jeans I wore to be a 70s punk, the holes I ripped in them let the flab out :(

I can't believe Catherine called herself obese.
She's a stick. An effin' stick.

I need more hobbies, really. Or rather more hobbies that don't involve seeing skinny people all the time. (photography isn't really good for that.)
But I like photography!

I'll put some pics up tomorrow. Or the day after. Yup.

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