Sunday, 30 August 2009


Okay, I don't care how tired I am, if I don't do this now I will never do it. I fail at blogging so much lately, I suuuuuuuuuuuck.

AS level results were not as bad as expected. I got my A in media :D and a nice and safe B in Psychology and Drama. The E in music was just the proof I needed for my inability to do WJEC music. I got a U in the written paper. This is the first time I've actually been given a fail.. bar the time I got 10% in an A-A* paper in maths.. but that doesn't count. But yeah, I officially fail at music. Which is odd, considering my A* in music GCSE.
Music has gone byebye now, s'all good.
Having only three lessons will be good.. means I can go to the gym a lot more and hopefully have some very empty days in which I can go to Cardiff to see Rhys. Ohh yeah, Rhys got into Glamorgan with his ABB grades :D S'cuz he's awesome :) This means I'll be living on the train though, hopefully. If it can be fitted in my busy schedule.. well, that's if my interview at Waitrose today was successful.. God I hope it was, you have no idea how much I need the monies D:

School starts next Thursday. This is less than a week.. not impressed. I've done nothing this summer. As a final 'byebye summer :(' thing, I'm going to Alton Towers with Rhys and his sister Rhiannon (and possibly her boyfriend, John?) on Tuesday, Rhiannon's paying for us to go cuz of Rhys getting into uni :) Should be cool, I intend on going on Nemisis and Rita.. been on Air before and there is no way anyone would get me anywhere near Oblivion. I love theme park nachos, but typically I'll lose my apetite, I always seem to when there is food I really like around me. I also love theme park donuts (it's why I'm fat), they're easier to eat than nachos, so I will definitely be eating them at some point.
That's right, I look forward to theme parks because of the food.

So here is Catherine being Hayley Williams.

This was for some modelling competition she entered with a Magazine.. I don't think they've judged it yet. She stands a good chance though, she does look quite like Hayley Williams.. well, she could look a lot less like her so..


This is a butterfly. There are lots around this year, they like posing on the buddleia just outside the porch.

I am super tired. I promise I'll post up photos and more stuffs tomorrow.. well, I say tomorrow, I mean today.. it's 00:47.

Sunday, 9 August 2009


WHY didn't anyone tell me there was a FILM SCHOOL in Monmouth? RRRG.
Don't suppose anyone knows anywhere else I could get film/tv/photography production experience? :/
Unlikely, I know.
Such things don't come around that often.

This also means summer has been delayed by another 2 weeks. Well, my summer. Because the people I would do things with haven't all been around at the same time as of yet. And won't be, until summer is over, I expect.

Next year had better be bloody good.

Friday, 7 August 2009


..well never mind 8-)
One of Dani's photos is the only one of the good photos that seems to have been acknowledged, all the other entries were clearly a lot worse than the awful things they picked to put on the mtv vote..
God it sounds like I'm sour.. maybe I'm just sooo bad at photography I don't even know what's good and what's complete and utter shite anymore 8-) yeah that's probably it :P Funny how one of the ones I thought was epic has managed to win one of the categories then.. *sigh* There were quite a few really good ones, WHY DIDN'T THEY CHOOSE THOSE?!!? I'm hoping it's because all the good ones weren't UK entries. If they were, I'm actually giving up on humanity completely.

This is Dani's winning entry, it won the 17-25 category for the brief 'What could I be?'

It's really good, I know. She won a map and a subscription to National Geographic magazine and is still in the vote on MTV's website for the best UK entry, where she might win a compact Olympus camera. You can vote here. DO IT.

So in my rage at the awful judging skills at MTV I went in search of ways to rectify my self-esteem drop involving finding more photography competitions. Probably not the best idea, as my track record so far isn't exactly brilliant (-1). All I found of any good were this and this. It wasn't hard to persuade my mother and sister that they want another trip to Slimbridge this summer, so I shall definitely attempt the wildlife one. Not so sure about the other one.
I'll think about it.
Or maybe I should quit whilst I'm.. er, behind :P Maybe I simply cannot be arsed :)

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Shoot Nations.

The Ls are still being pathetic. This whole situation is making me feel awfully mature. :)

Just thought I'd post up my three Shoot Nations pictures. If you wanna know what the competition is exactly here's the website. My pictures are also now in the gallery for 2009 if you wanna check them out :) As are Dani's, who has also entered.

The first brief was 'Because I am a girl / Because I am a boy'. Here's what I did:

My caption or theme was 'I must take interest in beauty'. I don't particularly know why I chose that theme.. I guess it's quite relevant to the modern teenage world, all this 'pressure from the media' etcetc. Catherine clearly being my beautiful model.

The second brief was 'What's holding me back?'.

I think this looks like the cover to Avril Lavigne's first album... don't let that put you off, please. The theme I picked for this tied in with the first picture; 'Pressures to challenge the majority'. I did a long exposure after the Pigeon Detectives on Saturday whilst there were lots of people there. It came out surprisingly well, usually my attempts at photos like this are just giant blobs of 'what?'. There was quite an amusing version of this photo in which there is a pair of doc martens next to Catherine (Dani's feet).. I should put that on faceborg, shouldn't I.

The last brief was 'What could I be?' (yeah, they like the CHEESE factor, clearly).

I know, I used old photos for this *sob*.. blame the weather. And my extreme lack of creativity. So the theme I went for was 'I could be at peace with myself', which also ties into the other two. You have no idea how long it took me to think of a theme for this one that would actually translate into image form easily.. I think this looks quite cool though. I just hope the shoot nationy people don't mind that it's technically two photos.. we'll see I guess.

Well that's it I guess, they announce the winners on August 12th.. the deadline is tomorrow. The winners get some epic Olympus camera..

Monday, 27 July 2009


Sorry blog.. almost a month.. oh dear.
The last 5 days have been ridiculous, really. I'll explain Thursday night, Saturday night and Sunday in photos.
Thursday was Will's party, Will being Catherine's boyfriend. Hearing they had started going out was a tad odd, I barely knew who Will was, just that he went to Primary school with Bethany.. I think.. and lived round by her. I now know that indeed he does live round by her.. in a castle.

I know, right?! Me and Dannio spent a fair amount of time sat on top of this tower. T'was quite cold :) especially at around half 10 at night.. This party consisted of around 80 17 year olds (a couple of year 9ers as well, apparently) brawling and raving and just generally being drunk. Me and Dani got to spent the night in a tent next to Will and Catherine, I say spend the night.. I didn't sleep at all, I was nicely kept awake by the nonstop drunktards and the noises being made by the Catherine to my left. (she kept moaning, for serious)

This was the sunset from the top of his towercastlehouse. It was being surprisingly pretty considering it would be the only time I'd see it from a towercastlehouse. Dani wanted silhouettey pictures of Will and Catherine for shoot nations, you can probably imagine how that went.

I think these two pictures sum it up quite nicely.
Now here are a nice array of photos from the rest of that interesting evening.

I loved those two cats, they were awesome. One of them kept coming into our tent when it rained.
But yeah, not an amazing night really, could've been worse though.
However, on the way home on Friday Soobuck's tyre decided to explode whilst going at 80mph right next to the dual carriage way. This was fun, definitely. We didn't have to sit right next to the incredibly fast traffic in the rain waiting for about 45 minutes for someone to remove Catherine, Danielle and I from the situation.. 8-) I believe this problem was resolved nicely, as Soobuck managed to drive to Birmingham shortly after.

So following this really good couple of days the normal response would be to sleep. I would love to have slept, really, my eyes were quite sore. I had to work on Saturday though (have I blogged about my job? gosh, no.. s'a small circle of shops in Tintern called Abbey Mill.. s'alright, s'good for earning a few monies each week) meaning I was practically falling asleep all day but still had to be smiley and helpful for all the touristy old ladies and Americans that seem to roam the streets of Tintern. I was quite relieved to be home afterwards, really. But then I was strapped into corset and shipped off to Monmouth Festival to see The Pigeon Detectives. I'd never heard of this band until then, I was quite impressed really. They're a very good live band and I did recognise one or two of their songs.. shocked someone so good was playing Monmouth Festival, really. I took maaany photos, I'll show you some of the best ones.

There are loads more on my facebook.
We retired to Dani's house at around 11:30ish where we proceeded to msn and tv into the night, not sleeping until about 4:30. Sfine though, cuz we got up on Sunday at half 12. :)
Sunday was carnival. Not sure how to rate it in comparison to last year, really. If you'd have asked me Sunday afternoon I'd have said last year was by far better, but I'm starting to associate bad things with Laura at the moment, really.. making every memory I have of her twisted.
Anyway, here are some carnival pictures.

Bumblebeemilbrook man was awesome. I have no idea who won, but he really should have. We're his fanclub :3

This was happyman. We met him the previous night after the Festival, he was handing out cards with the myspace for his band 'Anchor of Hope'. He was just so insanely happy the whole weekend, s'craazy.
Carnival wasn't amazing after the floats, was just RAIN. Me and Dannio went back to hers whilst Catherine had coffee with her dad for a bit before he buggered off to Greece.

Since then, Lindsey Fowler, who until now I'd really had no opinion of, she was just one of those people who was.. there, yknow? She seemed nice in art and ICT last year anyway. But yeah, she's been LauraLydia-ified and decided to post a 'HAHAHA i h8 darnelle' comment on a picture of Dani on faceborg. Laura's response was worse, really; 'i love you lindsey =]'. She's just being openly bitchy about us now, then.. to completely irrelevant people :). Thought she was more of a decent person than that, what with being friends with her for 11 years.. apparently not, apparently she's either changed dramatically in the past 6 months or she's just been a giant lie. Either one, she's not who I thought she was at all. I'm starting to really not regret any of this, if she's that kind of person I'm glad she's gone.
Fucksake, none of this was necessary really.
FAILIX decided to comment as well, tried preaching weed to me :) Thought that was quite good, then Lindsey once again decided to speak up. Ohh, then Jacob, who is apparently now in love with Lydia, mentioned on msn to Dani that Lydia was apparently in tears currently because 'Hazel was being mean on to her on facebook'.. lulwut.. I haven't spoken to or publically about Lydia in over 6 months, she really needs to find other ways of aquiring boyfriends. Urg, I'm so glad I left Monmouth when I did, I just wish I could've brought the few good people with me.

This whole situation is really ripping into me at the moment. They're the most pathetic people I've seen in a long time.. I wish they'd just grow up finally, but I can't see that happening any time soon. Unless this is what they've grown up into.. in which case, I guess it was inevitable.

I love Rhys :) Sorry I moan, I'm just a 'small minded, selfish' emo with not a lot to say that isn't revolving around me or my life in some way.
I also love Dannio, Catherine and Caitlin (despite her recent French activity).. you guise, never grow up plz (:
Oh yeah, Scott, I'm quiet in school because I left Monmouth due to the fact everyone in that year had decided they hated me and I'd really like that to not happen again, s'made me quite cautious when talking to other people, especially other people in my year at school.. so for fucksake, don't judge me by my recent internet activity, kay?

Rrrg :)
Sorry blog, I'll be more happy next time.. maybe. Yesss.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

yeeeeeahhhhhh *sheep*

People say you learn something new everyday, what did you learn today?
Really nothing.. oh, some stuff about schizophrenia i guess.. hah, and the Chinese flag (can't believe i didn't know that before.. 8-))

How satisfied are you with your life now?
really not.

Is it easy for someone to make you smile/laugh?
Iuno.. sometimes.

Could you go out in public looking like you do now?
I'd rather not.

What are your 3 main drinks you drink regularly?
ermm.. apple juice, apple and mango juice and orange juice.

If something was wrong, who is the first guy you would go to?
depends entirely on the situation..

Which side of the bed do you sleep on?
I have a single bed, it doesn't have sides.

Would you rather go camping or stay in a nice hotel?
depends, I'm good with both.

Are you in a good mood?
haahhh don't be silly, good moods don't exist in the land of hazel

What do you really want right now?
really no idea. want to go back a year and fix everything before my entire life goes tits up

Honestly, what's on your mind?

What are you listening to?
the tv.. it's real hustle I bleev

Do you miss someone?
sort of

Do you think you will have contact with that person anytime soon?
really don't know.

Do you get along better with the same sex or opposite?
I get on with girls better, dunno why, I'm not exactly feminine

Who is the first person you would call if you needed help?
erm, again, depends on the situation..

If you had to choose between a million dollars or being able to change a regret?
gonna go with what everyone else said; money.. really regrets are useless.

Have you kissed someone you weren't dating?
erm I'd love to say no.. hated that birthday.

Kissed someone older than you?
yeah by a year and a bit

Have you ever skinny-dipped?

Do you sleep on your stomach?
erm, sometimes?

Will your next kiss be a mistake?
how do I know that? am I psychic? hmmm?

When's the last time you said you were fine, but really weren't?
ummm today.

Is there any chance you will kiss the person you have feelings for?
I would imagine so.

Did any particular thing brighten up your day today?
sugar.. for about half an hour during playwrights.. dear god..

Did you go outside for more than thirty minutes today?
yes, much to rhys' disappointment. actually, a lot more than thirty minutes. I was waiting for the godamn bus that didn't turn up for 40 minutes... let alone free second, lunch, fifth, dinner outside.. etcetc

How has the past week been for you?
busy yet boring.

When was the last time you were complimented?
hell knows. I actually can't remember.. depressing.

Who is the last person you texted?
mother because bus didn't turn up...

Does the song you're currently listening to remind you of anyone special?
that would be difficult considering the lack of song-listening going on

Do you think someone is thinking about you right now possibly?
im gonna say yes..

If you could pack up and leave your life now to move away, would you?
noo idea.

Something you really need?

Did you have a dream last night?
probably had several.. doesn't mean I remembered them..

What woke you up this morning?
a really loud crow that sounded like an old woman sat by my window.

Did you get a full 8 hours of sleep last night?
really no.

How long does it take for you to shower?
er like 15 mins when sjust straight forward shower.. sometimes extends to 30 mins

Would you rather be a hair stylist or a clothes designer?
uhh neither? clothes designer I suppose..

Your best friend rings you up right now and says their pregnant - you say?
...say whaaaaaaaaaaat.

Monday, 29 June 2009


I shouldn't do a blog at 22:50 at night because I have school in approximately 8 hours and 40 minutes. Sleep would be advisable at this point in time, bu- wait, Media's cancelled and I have a free second.. I can go in at break! :D Oh happy days.
Not really, though, because today has not been a happy day, no.
It has been a retarded day.
Basically, was rain + thick, holey trousers + shoes that aren't actually shoes anymore, they wouldn't even pass as socks + puddles + thinking it was week 2 (when it was actually week 1) for the fisrt 2 hours of the day + playwrights for 2 hours meaning I missed the first half of my Media double + epic rain turning into EPIC heat and sun, meaning heavy, wet trousers are now HELLISH + playwrights after school until 5; spending 2 hours and 10 minutes with a bunch of hyper active year 8s who really don't want to be there attempting to direct them in a play format + being collected by my sister because my mother had 'fallen asleep at the wheel' earlier and damaged her car + having nothing bought by my mother for me to have for tea + being disgustingly tired because of said events + getting into ridiculously pointless 'arguments' that are essentially something picky, out of the blue and not relevent being said which makes me not want to even bother attempting to be nice anymore, when really it shouldn't be effort anyway + not having been to the gym in like a week + ARRGH EVERYTHING ELSE.

I don't LIKE IT.

JESUS if this is what summer does to me, please, just piss off summer.

oh ffs my nose won't stop running either.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

School's fun, yup.

Arrgghh I'm dyyyyinnnngg
Stomach is growling at me and Iuno why :( I would put food in it but a) it's hurty in an I-have-no-apetite way and b) I can't be arsed.
I am in school, by the way. Getting food to consume would involve walking aaaallll the way to the village, because I have no stupid finger print account here or 'swipe card'. If it was connected to Monmouth I would.. but, alas, I find myself stuck in a school with a canteen containing foods I simply am not allowed to eat.
I think I'm going mad.
I'm blogging in school. I haven't done this in aages, MONTHS. God, I hate the fact year 12s go back to school after exams. Really, I've had 5 lessons over the past 3 days so far and 2 of them were dvd lessons and another was just sitting in a classroom commenting on how pregnant my teacher. I have only had two in which we have actually done anything of any meaning to my life or any form of education, these lessons being media, in which he has said 'you don't have to come to lessons for the next two weeks if you don't want to :)' meaning the next two weeks will be weeks of NOTHING. All we did in media really was talk about the coursework, which sounds pretty damn awesome. We get the next two weeks to decide what to actually do for it, because it's so open. S'gonna be well cool. I also just had psychology which was one of the dvd lessons, well, I say dvd, it's actually a VIDEO we're watching (I know, we're well retro at Caldicot..), a video of 'Seven', or 'Se7en' or however you wanna write it. This is the fourth time I have seen this film, 3 of these times being in school. Drama, media and now psychology. What the hell is school's obsession with this film? I can vaguely understand psychology, what with it being centered around a paranoid schizophrenic, but it's an 18 and the first time I saw this film in school I must have been 15. Makes no sense. I'm not really complaining though, it's quite a good film.. it's just, I can't watch just 'quite good' films that amount of times in the space of 3 years. I hate overwatching films, it ruins them. It's the same with music, people who overlisten to music are just strange, they're the kind of people who don't really listen to the music, they just put it on the background, which should be and illegal offence, really.
I have music in 15 minutes. Should I go? The teachers say we must go for at least 2 weeks before giving up, but I just know I'm not going to take music, I'd rather eat potatoes off a fatman's backside, to be honest. It's a waste of time; I know I'm not going to do well in it and I dislike it severely. Bleh.. I was planning on going down the village instead and getting food, but my stomach is really hurting right now.. hmm, maybe walking will make it ease off, who knows. Or maybe it's CAUSED by walking.. should I take that risk?
I probably will, otherwise I'll just end up blogging for the next hour. Believe me, I can type a LOT in an hour.
Hah, I think you'd all enjoy that.
Yes, every single one of you.

I can't post photos in this post. This would mainly be because I am in school and therefore have no photos to post, but also because.. I have no photos to post. I have not really taken many of any decent standard since my last post.. just the Trellech ones with Danielle and Catherine. Maybe if you're lucky I'll post them up when I get home.
If I can be bothered.
What are the chances, eh.
Saying that, if I can be bothered to go the gym later when my stomach is screaming at me for unknown reasons then I should really be bothered to sit at my computer and post photos to this blog.
I'm generally not an amazingly sensical person, apparently.

Urgghghghgg owwchhhh :( Maybe it's apendicitis.. that'd be fun. Yeah. Brlhl.g.
Where even is the apendix? I'ma ask google.. ahh, no way is this apendicitis then, it's in a completely different place. My actual stomach is screaming at me.. maybe it's just really REALLY godamn hungry, so much so it's going to criple me until I eat. Well then it's gutted and can stop having a strop, or I'm not doing anything. It's behaving like a small child and shall be treated like one. However it could not be because it's hungry.. could be infected by an uncooked food I have recently consumed.. but then doesn't food poisoning appear a few hours after consumption? In which case, I do not have food poisoning. I have not eaten anything since tea last night.. I believe the last thing I ate was Tesco value ice cream.. Hah, maybe my stomach just really hates tesco. Or, maybe I have gastric flu. That'd be equally as fun, although I believe I would have thrown up by now. Maybe I have really bad wind.. in my stomach. This is the least severe really and most definitely the most likely.. but then I've had that before and it didn't feel like this.
Oh dear, the bell just went. Do I go? Hmmm.. I think whatever I do it will not involve this blog, so I think I shall say goodbye for now.
I'm sure you had fun reading this.
Oyasumi nasai! (because it's definitely night..)

Saturday, 13 June 2009


Fucksake. Had first driving lesson for three weeks today and had practically forgotten everything, my instructor told me before she went away for three weeks that I should be going out driving with my parents to 'build up trust' and just practice some straight driving, which makes sense and is what both Catherine and Rhys have done (after less lessons than I'd had..). I said this to mother at the time and she was all 'ohhhh ohh well.. well.. I'll have to see.. hmmmmmm..'. Mentioned it again just now and the fact I'd forgotten so much between lessons and how it's going to take me FOREVER to learn if I don't go out at all between lessons.. "your sister didn't go out until she'd had FAR more lessons than you've had..." "I'm saying what my instructor said.. and Catherine and Rhys both went out after having less lessons than I've had already.." "Yes but you're not Catherine or Rhys".

They're wasting their own bloody money as well, having picked the most expensive instructor in the history of expensive driving instructors.
Really, they're just idiots. And the 'building up trust' my instructor suggests happening is just.. never going to happen, meaning I'm just.. never going to learn to drive.. S'just bloody retarded.

Grr. Subject change now.
Was Rhys and I's 2 year anniversary type thing yesterday :). This is good. I love him. We went to Cardiff. I drew him this picture.

It is not very good, I didn't finish it as well as I'd liked to and should have spent more time on it. I think he liked it anyways, hard to tell :P.

On another note, it's apparently official that Danielle, Caitlin, Catherine and I have lost Laura and Lydia as friends.
Basically, I left Monmouth Comp to do Media Studies at Caldicot. Upon leaving, a lot of new peoples arrived at Monmouth Comp, including the likes of Fai-ahem-Felix. Felix is a long term dope head who is now, apparently, becoming a doped up crack head. All I knew of this person was that they befriended Laura and Lydia and that they were a 'bit dodgey'. ('Cherylish', I believe was the term). Then it is discovered that Laura had confided in Caitlin the fact she had started smoking weed with Felix. This had severely shocked and distressed Caitlin and Danielle, to put it lightly. Laura then gets told the extent to which this had shocked and distressed Caitlin and Danielle. See, would it be a fair suggestion that perhaps if you'd found out you'd severely shocked and distressed your friends by smoking an illegal drug that you'd reconsider your actions, or at the very least apologise and do anything within your conscious power to put it right? That is, if you cared about your friends mental (and physical) state. This seemed like a fair suggestion to me, but really couldn't be any different from what actually happened. Laura effectively did nothing. It was left for us to bring up the topic of conversation, was left for us to do any form of confrontation. Now I believe that Laura was naive enough to really not see smoking weed as a big deal at all, infact about as shocking as if we were to find out she'd been drinking a large amount of coffee, or something. But the fact she did nothing AT ALL to show that she regretted her actions, regretted upsetting her friends so much, regretted anything.. this just gave off the impression she didn't really care. When attempts at in-person confrontations were made, all that proceeded to happen was Felix turning up and butting in, being generally quite rude and blatently controlling. He spoke for Laura, I heard. My natural assumption was that he was just controlling L+L, attempting to turn them against us, because it was out of character for Laura not to do anything about hurting her friends.
We decided, after a month of upset, worry, severe stress and not having the two Ls around, that we'd just lay it to rest and not worry about it unless it just became a lot worse. We decided we'd really just like our friends back, despite all that had gone on. My birthday came and went, then Laura's birthday appeared. Danielle made her a cake in an attempt to say 'we miss you :( friends again plz?'. Nothing changed.. Laura continued to go off with Lydia and Felix (and Liam..? o.O) and never once made an attempt to see Danielle, Catherine and Caitlin at school. This, we felt, was a bit like a slap around the face. We decided to confront her via WLM, ask what was going on. When the cake-gesture was mentioned, she just repeated 'Thank you for my cake =]', the repetition seemed a tad sarcastic. We basically had another one of the conversations we'd had back in March/April. Her closing statement was:

(23:35) [[ Laaaaura ]]: Things won't be the same, do you think i liked being told it was like i didn't care and everything?

For me, at least, this is another big slap around the face, with a little bit of headdesk thrown in.
And this is where we are.
The really disturbing thing for me is that I haven't seen Laura since the beginning of March before we even knew about the weed. I think this enables me to shift the blame quite nicely on to the person I have still never met, the person who supplies/supplied Laura with the weed, the person who was just bloody rude to Danielle and Caitlin when they showed Laura their anxiety and concern. Yeah, it's really just making him out to be a bit of a twat, isn't it.
The fact I haven't seen Laura since this all happened means I haven't witnessed any change in her. To me, she is still Laura, and I find it hard to believe Laura would say any of the things she's said or do any of the things she's done. It also means I'm the one who is going to find it the most difficult and unbearable to move on.
I don't know what to say on the subject at the moment and where my mind stands. I don't think Laura's really thinking anything through, I think she's taking the quick easy hot-guy option out. It's just really difficult to accept the fact that included in the quick easy hot-guy option out is forgetting our existance.
I really hope no one minds me posting this story up, but I don't see any reason to beat about the bush, and I find typing it up makes it vaguely clearer in my mind.
I'll delete anything if you do so desire.
Just needed to say it.

Well. Yeah.
I'll put some pictures up in another post.

Monday, 1 June 2009


RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRG. I would rant about all my shit but it really won't get me anywhere (Y) god knows who I'd offend.

Can't be crapped to edit my photos (Y) atm, anyway. So have the few I'd done previously.

sensing a theme?

Saturday, 23 May 2009


Halfway through exams now. Psychology and music down, just media and drama to go. The two I hope to get As in. Yaaaay. It's good that they're the two that require the least revision, though, and they aren't until the 1st and 3rd of June, which is a week and a bit away. It's halfterm now :D Apparently the weather is meant to get really good this week, temperature could go up to 28 degrees.. lots of walks planned, lots of photos to be taken. Should be good, hopefully.
We'll see.

My fecking Ramune won't open. I've had it since Christmas (thanks Rhys ;D) and have been saving it. Probably not the best idea.. all that carbon dioxide building up underneath that lil glass ball.. it's actually impossible to open it now. I WAN' RAMUNE. ggrrrrrrrrrumbleee.
Oh also
third in BeMyInspiration? Sorry? What's that about? Granted, it's the one I didn't try as hard in.. but.. third? *soreloser*. And second in EPP?!
Not cool, man. Not cool.
Here are my losing entries.

'Portrait' for EPP.

'Anything' for EPP. (I said the theme was 'wilted time'.. 8-))

'Seasons' for BeMyInspiration. I actually thought this was alright.. considering I had no idea what to do.. did a nice bit'o'macro.

'Technology' for BeMyInspiration. Did definitely not steal this idea from a deviantard.

Bask in the loseryness of my photographs! I AM NO WINNARR D: I'm sorry, Danielle. I have failed you, Gabriella has defeated me.

I'm now going to move swiftly on in order to confirm the fact I am not a bebotard. Ahem.

I have a few more photos for you. We went to Caitlin's house the other week to 'revise' psychology. Well, I say 'revise'.. I did actually intend to revise, what with the first exam being 2 days after. Little revision was done. A fair amount of photographs were taken.
Here's a selection for you.

T'was a very photogenic day.
I hope there are many more days such as these to come.