Thursday, 26 February 2009

Well isn't it a drag.

I owe some photos, I do believe.
Not much has really been happening this week. S'cuz of school, school makes everything boring and bleh. S'just been one big blur of tiredness, really.
However, due a slight lack of organisation on the big eye mobile front, I still have the SLR. 'Til Sunday. Woot :) I am going to Monmington on Saturday again for some more SLRage.

I'm considering bringing my guitar on Saturday. Do you think it'll rain? hmmm.

Anyways, here is Tuesday's photo.

Tuesday 24th Feb, 09

I don't know. I was considering doing something vaguely along these lines for this cycle I've entered on some photography group on bebo (lol), the theme for task one was 'all about colour'. Dani is also in the cycle and met up with Catherine to take photos for the modelling cycle SHE'S in, the theme was jobs, her job was an artist. Which as you can see ties in rather well with the colour theme. Hmphh. Her photos were quite epic. Mine was quite pants. Here was my entry.

I, personally, dislike this. I mean, it's well done I suppose for what it is, but it's borrrrrrrrrring. I soo wish I could have had time to meet up with people so I could have had a model. Oh well, more tasks to come, if I get through.

But yeah, the painty-wally photo was Tuesday's photo. As you can probably tell, I didn't actually paint the wall. It's been 'shopped. So yeah, I thought I'd try out that one idea I had even though I already had an entry. Didn't go quite according to plan, mainly cuz I hate modelling for myself because I'm most certainly not what I consider a model. (see a few posts below.)

Wednesday 25th Feb, 09

Errm, this is my hand. Admittedly, and I apologise, this photo was not taken by me (as you might have guessed). It was taken by Rhys. Quite why he took this photo I do not know.. oh yes, I wanted the camera back (hence my hand was like that..) and he was on a 'musttakephotosofeverything;D' mish and so took a photo of my hand. I will take all the photos in future, I promise.
I thought it looked quite cool. Meh.
...I will also try to make photos more interesting in future. :)

Thursday 26th Feb, 09

Here's todays photo(s). I know, it's a rather tacky lil montage. But it's my guitar because I have been playing it a lot in the past few days, so I thought it'd make sense for it to appear here. I should name him, really.

Well that's photos caught up on.
It's non-uniform tomorrow (again...), I'll bring SLR into school again. Might go take some photos round Caldicot in first, got a free and can't go in late cuz the road from Llanishen to Devauden is closed from 9 'til half 3 ¬_¬
Ah welllll.

Monday, 23 February 2009

not.. quite.. midnight..

This is very close to midnight, but it's still today! Here's today's photo of the day.

Monday 23rd Feb, 09

This photo needs no explanation.
..but I'm going to give it one anyway. It was the first day back at school after half term and I hardly saw Rhys in half term because of New York, so here is a big ol' picture of Rhys (:
I think it sums him up quite nicely.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

why do we go round again in circles

I feel like ranting about lookbook.
I'm sure I'd love it and still have an account on it if I could fit into size 6 clothes. Butttt I can't, so I said byebyeee to lookbook.

I know it's practically a modelling site, so what should I expect.. but it highlighted for me the fact I'm in no way 'fashionable' or 'the-normal-size'. Yaaaay. Although really I knew that before, it's just one of those 'HAHA LOOK YOU'RE FAAAAAAT AND DRESS SILLY XD' things, yknow? Course you don't.
And one of the worst things is when people say 'ohh no there are 'larger girls' who have made it really far on lookbook!'.. that's a bit like saying 'ohh noo there are really thick idiots who have made it really far in the medicine'-

err I started writing this like hours ago and forgot about it, but just found this tab.

Basically, I'm really starting to get down about my weight. I know I'm not obese or whatever but against my friends I'm starting to really stand out as the fat one. I've never been skinny but s'getting worse really. And the clothes I wear don't exactly disguise this.

Every single one of my friends is a stick. Like, all of them. Even my boyfriend.

Either I'm the only 'normal' one, or I'm just considerably fatter.

ERUGHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS. I'll love that I posted this tomorrow morning, I bet :)
I'm just going to go and kill myself now, bbl.

A photo a day.

Okay, I am actually going to do this now. A photo for each day for as long as I can handle.

I'll attempt to give each photo a lil explanation as well.

So I'm going to start with yesterday.

Saturday 21st Feb, 09.

Rhys came back from New York yesterday and brought with him this Obama doll. It was most definitely photo worthy. The sun was also out and I could go outside without a coat, which is insane, considering this time last week there was still snow on the ground in my garden.

Sunday 22nd Feb, 09

A chicken. I forget it's name... this is here because my sister was home this weekend, and she is in love with her chickens. This chicken is crowing in a somewhat terrifying manner. I was on a colour-hunt, and decided to pop round to snap-up some chickens. Yus.

Friday, 20 February 2009

'Cause I'm not even halfway there

Riiight, just a quick post before I go and sleeeeep...
I said I'd post some of these pics up, so here goes. I'm still editing the best ones to make them better, but I'll post the few I have done already up.

I'll put some more up perhaps, if I particularly like them.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

half term.

...isn't really all it cracked up to be.

Where to start.
Rhys is in New York for the entire week, it is now Wednesday, he left on Monday and returns on Saturday. *sigh*... his phone died yesterday :( The charger he has doesn't work, or the adaptor, or something... sucks :( I miss him. A lot.

Gemma lent me the SLR this week to take some more pictures for Media, which I am doing tomorrow with Caitlin, Laura and Catherine, because Danielle is smooching her lover for the entire week. (in IoW...)

I had my hair cut yesterday because we have finally basically finished filming for Wanted. This was good, however I'm not sure on my opinion of this haircut >< I'm hoping it fuffs up a bit when I blow dry it myself, it's a bit too flat atm. Here's a pic, sorry it's a bit blurred, I'm not great at taking photos of myself SLR-styley.

I also look rather scared. Hmmm.

I feel as if I have been wasting this time I've had with the SLR, because I'm probably not going to be borrowing it much anymore. Gemma's getting a bit pooey about it. Hopefully I should be able to take lots of nice shots tomorrow when I meet up with thems lot. Oh, and I get to meet Laura's SLR. Yup.

Hmmm I miss Rhys rather a lottle... :(

Ohh I moved my room around the other day, I used to have the bed alongside the wall with the window, now it's along the other wall and my pc is by the window... you can kind of see the changes a bit in that pic of me... the bed used to be where it is now when I was younger, but I moved it out of boredum. Haha, I'm pretty sure I won't get bored of it again before I leave for uni next year ><

Well I'm off for a bit, gonna watch some tv, exciting stuff. I'll post some of tomorrow's pictures up tomorrow ^^

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Snowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww again. And Catheriney Partay.

So I'm not in school because of snow, again. Although to be fair school would have ended 15 mins ago (from typing this sentence...) anyway but meh.
It snowed quite epically when I got home last night and the drive was like an icey snowy slidey thingy. Not especially good for cars to drive up and down.

The most snow was last.. thursday? I think... oh no according to the photos it was Friday. Yeah that makes more sense actually. Wow my memory is worse than I thought.
But yeah, these are the pictures taken when I had just woken up on Friday. They're quite epic, all taken through windows because I was too cold already and boring to go outside and take photos.

This is the view from my bedroom window again. It's raather pants quality because of the being taken through a window thing 8-) T'waz raaather a lot of snowwwwwwww...


So that was last friday, 06-02-09. It is now tuesday, 10-02-09. And I am off school. Because of snow. TOO MUCH SNOW.
There wasn't so much today tbf, just enough to stop me getting out of the house. This is the view from my window today (took this just now, lots has melted since first thing...)

I know what you're thinking. Snow all looks the same, THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THOSE PHOTOS. And you would basically correct.
But I like cataloging the snowness. So shuhuhsh.

On another note..

T'waz Catherine's birthday party sleepovery doodad on Saturday > Sunday. Caitlin didn't come because of the failsnow :'( and her retarded secretary whom will be destroyed gradually over time, sfine. As you are aware (if you are one of the many people who read my blog.. ehem..) I went as a 70s punk. I have no pictures of what I looked like exactly on the night because we failed at photos slightly.. but I do have a picture of Catherine the 50s tard :)

She is holding her cat, Hamish. Whom always had that look of concern.
I probably should have removed the redeye here >< I will eventually, sfine.
Here is Dani the 60s tard.

Again with the redeye.. *sigh*. Stupid camera.
I don't have a picture of Laura the 80s tard DD: WHY NOT? I'll tell you why. The only picture(s) of Laura the 80s tard were on Barnacle Bernard, whom has not graced us with his presence online recently. I wonder why that is, Danielle. Granted there weren't many pictures taken, but still. 8-)

So we went to pizza express in our decade outfits, walked in order and in character, of course. We got some raather good looks from pizza expressy peoples. I think Catherine and Danielle were the most obvious for their decades, I was the most rediculous and, as always, Laura was the cutest.

I have a headache. I think I may leave you now, I am sure it'll take you a while to absorb the picturey goodness from this post. Yup.

Thursday, 5 February 2009


Well. It has been snowing for the past 3 days, there is 9 inches of snow outside.
I have been sat here like a grump or sleeping.
Instead of playing in the snow.


Here are some photos of the snow I took on Tuesday. I wasn't in school because I was ill, but turns out everyone was sent home in third anyway.

The last one is my mummy. She is holding her ancient SLR (yet taking a photo on a crappy 3.2mp point+shoot camera belonging to my father...) which I love. I would love it even more if it was a DSLR, but hey.

Catherine's birthday party is this Saturday. I am going as a 1970s punk. I'mma sure everyone will love it, sfine.
I just did the make up on myself like 3 times because it kept failing. I ended up looking like kik- I mean looking like siouxsie sioux on a really lazy 'i cba to do my makeup properly' day.
I have rather gotten used to having massive, black eyebrows though.

I seriously am getting annoyed at my lack of DSLR. The sodding snow just keeps rubbing that in. Grrr...
Don't ever have anyone to take photos of anyway. I only really like portrait photography. *sigh*.

During the course of my stalkerish behaviours I have discovered Danielle and Catherine have decided to do a photo for each day or something? I'm glad I was told about this, because it has definitely given me the idea to.. copy them.
That was a really interesting combination of sarcasm and truth?
But yeah I would and all but I think I'd just end up crying due to shite camera.

Here's a photo for you though. It's the view from my bedroom window as soon as I woke up this morning. At about.. half 10? Ish. It's snowing :3

And you may also have these tardphotos.

I don't intend on wearing a white top on Saturday.
I am going to wear my sister's leather jacket.

I might add more to this later.