Wednesday, 18 February 2009

half term.

...isn't really all it cracked up to be.

Where to start.
Rhys is in New York for the entire week, it is now Wednesday, he left on Monday and returns on Saturday. *sigh*... his phone died yesterday :( The charger he has doesn't work, or the adaptor, or something... sucks :( I miss him. A lot.

Gemma lent me the SLR this week to take some more pictures for Media, which I am doing tomorrow with Caitlin, Laura and Catherine, because Danielle is smooching her lover for the entire week. (in IoW...)

I had my hair cut yesterday because we have finally basically finished filming for Wanted. This was good, however I'm not sure on my opinion of this haircut >< I'm hoping it fuffs up a bit when I blow dry it myself, it's a bit too flat atm. Here's a pic, sorry it's a bit blurred, I'm not great at taking photos of myself SLR-styley.

I also look rather scared. Hmmm.

I feel as if I have been wasting this time I've had with the SLR, because I'm probably not going to be borrowing it much anymore. Gemma's getting a bit pooey about it. Hopefully I should be able to take lots of nice shots tomorrow when I meet up with thems lot. Oh, and I get to meet Laura's SLR. Yup.

Hmmm I miss Rhys rather a lottle... :(

Ohh I moved my room around the other day, I used to have the bed alongside the wall with the window, now it's along the other wall and my pc is by the window... you can kind of see the changes a bit in that pic of me... the bed used to be where it is now when I was younger, but I moved it out of boredum. Haha, I'm pretty sure I won't get bored of it again before I leave for uni next year ><

Well I'm off for a bit, gonna watch some tv, exciting stuff. I'll post some of tomorrow's pictures up tomorrow ^^