Thursday, 5 February 2009


Well. It has been snowing for the past 3 days, there is 9 inches of snow outside.
I have been sat here like a grump or sleeping.
Instead of playing in the snow.


Here are some photos of the snow I took on Tuesday. I wasn't in school because I was ill, but turns out everyone was sent home in third anyway.

The last one is my mummy. She is holding her ancient SLR (yet taking a photo on a crappy 3.2mp point+shoot camera belonging to my father...) which I love. I would love it even more if it was a DSLR, but hey.

Catherine's birthday party is this Saturday. I am going as a 1970s punk. I'mma sure everyone will love it, sfine.
I just did the make up on myself like 3 times because it kept failing. I ended up looking like kik- I mean looking like siouxsie sioux on a really lazy 'i cba to do my makeup properly' day.
I have rather gotten used to having massive, black eyebrows though.

I seriously am getting annoyed at my lack of DSLR. The sodding snow just keeps rubbing that in. Grrr...
Don't ever have anyone to take photos of anyway. I only really like portrait photography. *sigh*.

During the course of my stalkerish behaviours I have discovered Danielle and Catherine have decided to do a photo for each day or something? I'm glad I was told about this, because it has definitely given me the idea to.. copy them.
That was a really interesting combination of sarcasm and truth?
But yeah I would and all but I think I'd just end up crying due to shite camera.

Here's a photo for you though. It's the view from my bedroom window as soon as I woke up this morning. At about.. half 10? Ish. It's snowing :3

And you may also have these tardphotos.

I don't intend on wearing a white top on Saturday.
I am going to wear my sister's leather jacket.

I might add more to this later.


dani said...

you look less angry in that one. sgood makeup.

ps - i decided to do that, er, today. I just happened to have photos from the last few days. yup.

ps - JOIN IN. your camera is still better than my one last year was! yeah!

Catherineey said...

I love your photos of the snow, and nice punk outfit. (:
I want to get a pink cardi before Saturday, but it probably won't happen