Sunday, 22 February 2009

A photo a day.

Okay, I am actually going to do this now. A photo for each day for as long as I can handle.

I'll attempt to give each photo a lil explanation as well.

So I'm going to start with yesterday.

Saturday 21st Feb, 09.

Rhys came back from New York yesterday and brought with him this Obama doll. It was most definitely photo worthy. The sun was also out and I could go outside without a coat, which is insane, considering this time last week there was still snow on the ground in my garden.

Sunday 22nd Feb, 09

A chicken. I forget it's name... this is here because my sister was home this weekend, and she is in love with her chickens. This chicken is crowing in a somewhat terrifying manner. I was on a colour-hunt, and decided to pop round to snap-up some chickens. Yus.


Catherineey said...

you're photo-a-daying!
This is gonna be fun (:

Hazel said...

It'll be.. interesting :P