Saturday, 31 January 2009


Blogger template ceasing to work + no blogger template on the entire internet working + sleeping less than 6 hours each night past 2 weeks + stupid fucking father and sister being fucking twats + stomach cramps + a permanent cold + rain + headache all day + nothing I ordered arriving on time or at all really + having to get up at basically the same time I do for school on a Saturday + not being able to bring the SLR I wanted to bring + music coursework + having fucking shite hair all the time because whenever it turns shite fate disallows me to change it for months + actually caring what I look like + having absolutely no clothes I desire to be seen in
a rather fantastic evening, don't you think.

Friday, 30 January 2009


Well it was pointless me stopping blogging for break cuz all I did was sit here 'til the end of break. Well not right here because I was on the computer over there ->
But yeah Rhys didn't show up. Of course it is generally pointless looking at my phone to see if he's texted me because Rhys + texting = doesn't happen. But it just so happened that the one time I didnt look was the one time he did. I went to Media after break only to discover it wasn't on, then came back here and discovered Rhys had said he was going to be 'late' because he'd not come in yet or something.
So now I have ANOTHER free. Without Rhys. Because despite the fact he was 15 mins late for it, he decided to go to drama.

If I go down the village now I bet you anything Rhys will want to at lunch.

ps. I fixed the times on blogs and comments. It's now actually the correct time. Yup.

Oh dear God.

So I was just reading my old blog, until I tried to look at older posts and was stopped by the LOVELY school filter. What the hell did I write about?! I'll find out when I get home, s'fine.

I appear to be dying again. My nose won't stop crying. I seriously think it needs some prozac or lithium or something.. yes I am aware noses don't really have any form of emotion, and yes I am aware I am just either allergic to everything or a walkingtalkingcold. I'll just go and sleep then shall I?
I wish.
I'm so tired my eyes are behaving an awful lot like window shutters... in the sense they keep trying to shut.. what? What the hell am I-
I don't even know anymore.

This is my only free today. I don't understand how people can have so little frees.. I mean, just this week alone I have a total of... errrrrr.. 1o frees.. that's like.. loads. Although to be fair I have less frees in week 2. Only... 7. Oh. that's not THAT much less.
What do I even do in school? I seem to spend my life sat at one of these crappy computers moaning about something. Like this.
And where's Rhys? I think it's mighty selfish of him to be in a lesson right now. Mighty selfish? Mighty?
Yeah. I don't know. I seriously, SERIOUSLY need to sleep. It has gone beyond a joke.

I'm going to Monmouth on Saturday! Oh what joy, the town I spent five years trying to escape from, and I actually ended up missing it. I'm good like that, see. It is it's own stupid fault, I mean.. a comprehensive school.. without Media Studies? Idiots. Absolute. Yup.

I'm having to live life using my compact camera. Again. It was a lovely camera when I first got it, really nice quality.. for the first year and a half.. now it's starting to show it's age. Focus doesn't behave very well at all anymore, and it's practically impossible to use without the flash. Unless you like failblurs. And the colour orange. Hopefully meine mutter will be nice enough to get me an SLR for my birthday. I mean a DSLR, of course, because we already own an SLR, which I would use and mess around with if a) it wasn't my mothers and b) I could be bothered to get the film developed/develop it myself. Ha, that is SO likely to happen. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to do it at uni and all that, which I expect I would if I took Media Production. It's probably quite handy my mother already has an SLR really. She never uses it anymore, also. So I doubt she'd mind me stealing it ><
Maybe that's what I'll do. Ooooh, might bring it to Monmouth on Saturday! I mean, tomorrow. Because Saturday is tomorrow. WOOO! SLEEP! But yeah. I have seemed to have noticed that whenever I bring all cameray type stuff with me places with the intent of taking a lot of photos, because I don't seem to have many recent ones (or any, rather..) I end up not taking any photos at all. Or very little. So I expect if I did take the SLR to Monmouth it'd just be sat in my bag being sad and unused.
My mother is probably going to laugh when I ask to borrow her SLR. And she will probably say that it has no film. Which will be fantastic, because it's not like I have enough things to spend my money on at the moment.
Actually, to be fair I don't have TOO much, the biggest money-sucker is birthdays, and Catherine's is the only birthday coming up. The next one is Laura's, and that's not 'til May.
Of course mine is inbetween those two, though. But the good thing about my birthday is that I don't have to buy myself any presents. It would be both pointless and just like.. buying.. stuff.. for me.. which I do quite a lot anyway.

I really think I need more hobbies. Look at this post. It's one of the most pointless pieces of text in existance. Infact it's not even a piece of text, it's just a load of pixels on a computer. On the internet. Which is very big.
Rhys will probably tell me off for being wrong about what it actually is if he reads this. To which I will reply 'Yeah well so's your face :)' because he loves it, yup.
I. Need. Sleep.

Filming on Sunday! FINALLY. Although technically all we're doing this Sunday is that one greenscreen scene. Hahaha that rhymes. But yeah the scene in which I am wearing pyjamas. If you cast your minds aback to when we did this scene before, there was a rather interesting picture taken as a result of me looking rather angry and disorientated in my pyjamas with one boot on. I do remember being quite ill that day, and thus deciding to stay in my pyjamas. Hopefully this Sunday will not be a repeat of said events. Judging by my current state of mind, that is proving unlikely. *sigh*

It's Catherine's birthdaypartythingysleepover next weekend! It's a sleepover because Catherine is too scared to ask for a day off work for her birthday. Despite the fact she has never had a day off for anything like that, so they obviously owe her tonnes. Especially considering the fact they make her work so often.
I need a job. Quite badly.
I'm going to apply for a job in the Waitrose that is opening up in Caldicot in the summer. It's unlikely I'll get a job, because they're offering jobs to all the people that used to work in the summerfield there, but I may as well try. If I can figure out their weird method of applying.

It's nearly break so I'mma go nows.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Tetris Effect

So generally when you have felt sick for the past two days you don't have a whole carton of strawberry milkshake, a doughnut and several wham bars for lunch.
I will probably throw up at some point today. Huzzahhh.

I still think the B-52s are awesome. I didn't realise they were still going.. I may have to download their discography. Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiif I can be bothered.

So I'm writing this at school, despite the fact that for some unknown (and I'm sure definitely not valid) reason the filter has spread from the IT rooms to EVERY OTHER COMPUTER IN THE SCHOOL. Even the teacher's. What is HAPPENING. *headdesk* But yeah, I'm writing this in school, because I am in a free. To be honest, today has been a day of frees. I shouldn't have come in, reeeeally. Well.. I was supposed to have Psychology first (which I spent a good hour or so writing an essay for last night...) but because of some crash on the motorway half the teachers were either late in or just didn't turn up, so first and second lesson was cancelled for the entire school. Despite the fact my Psychology teacher was actually in. Hmph. That was the only lesson I was actually mildly looking forward to. I should have gone to music third, but I felt rather sick, and didn't reeeeally want to. I did go to drama fourth, however. I'm not that stupid.
But, alas, now it is fifth. Why don't you go home, I hear you ask. Because I am going back to Rhys' house this evening, which is good because I have not been over his in a few weeks. And I shant again til next week probs. And then in half term he is going to New York with the school for five days. *sob*

I was going to write more but I just got distracted and played bloons and now school is over. Oh well.

Friday, 23 January 2009

B-52s :)

Ohhhh my gosh, I have just remembered how much win The B-52s are! They were my childhood. 'Dance this mess around' was the first CD I ever bought :)

How AWESOME is this.

*sigh* good times.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Big eyeeeeeee.

First Big Eye back after Christmas was yesterday.. took some more pics :) These were taken for the poster for the open day made by Rhys and I, which I will attempt to get a copy of and post it up here also (no idea why I didn't take a copy yesterday...). I thought I'd post some of the pics I took that I've smartened up a bit which I will give to Gemma to use as she pleases.

Models: Ieuan Jenkins, Catherine Barkley, Melissa Zanga, Hannah Morgan and Alenah Jones.
I took a few more which I will edit up soon, but there weren't many good ones from this batch. I may post some older ones up some time.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009


Hullo. In another lonesome free *sob*.
All of the computers were taken when Rhys came in here first (yeah, I have two frees in a row first thing, why did I bother coming in? see Rhys in first of course! :)) apart from a few brokeny-not-working ones. But we spent basically the entire hour bending the pins in the keyboard jack to make it work, and thus, I am able to type.
Aren't you just thrilled.

I hate hypocrites. For instance, people who are very aware how much they are 'worshipped' and 'adored' by the mass of the teenage girl population of the website 'bebo' and absolutely love the attention then claiming to 'hate it when people worship celebrities'. Of course I am not talking about anyone in particular, why would you think that. It is probably a well known fact among those I talk to most that I have a growing hatred for people like that. Cough. These people also like to say that they accept constructive criticisim on their 'modelling photos', however when ever anyone leaves any form of criticism, be it constructive or not, they call them 'the definition of ugly', or 'FUCKING LOSERS', or tells them to 'take a long look in the mirror if you haven't smashed it already'. That's a point, why do people chronically obsessed with their appearance use that as basically their only comeback? For instance, if I was to say 'I think the way you react when people leave criticism on your photos is slightly childish.' they would come back with something like 'yeah like I give a shit what you fucking ugly cunt thinks. Look at yourself, you're HIDEOUS'. It's like.. whoa man, you may have a problem with what you look like, but I'm not too fussed to be honest.. and the one way to make your insecurities obvious to everyone is to push them onto everyone else, like that. If it is a comeback to an insult to their appearance, it would make more sense. Otherwise, it's just silly.
Why do people 'worship' this girl- I mean, these people anyway? They're egotisical idiots with rather large God-complexes. I bet whoever is reading this is thinking 'you're blatently jealous, why else would it annoy you so much'.. this is probably a valid point, but I do not understand the argument 'you only make fun of what you're jealous of' or whatever. Beacuse I genuinly dislike these kinds of people, they make me very angry because I think it is disgusting that someone can be so incredibly thick and completely controlled by what they look like and what they think others think of them and generally, in my opinion, quite hideous and yet so many people want their babies. I suppose it is a kind of jealousy in a way, in that I don't see why they even slightly deserve anything to make them happy; what the hell have they done? They've sat around painting their face stupid colours, wearing clothes quite clearly too small for them just to make their boobs (and unfortunately, their flab) stick out, then insulting anyone who says something that isn't positive, not even necessarily negative, but just not positive. Yeah, that's going to get them far in life.
What am I saying. Most of the famous 'celebrities' are like that.
I hate the way the world works.

*sigh*. Life's too short. To have an opinion? Yes. Oh. Be quiet.

Know who else is annoying? Gemma. When she doesn't tell us she's going to be in the week she said she wasn't going to be in. Meaning another week we could have at least used for planning filming is wasted.
Sfine. Sfiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.

I should probably think about happy things.


How about..

n'awws. I miss them. :(

Monday, 12 January 2009


I changed the template again.

Rhys and I :3
I drew this for him a few weeks ago, I put it in his birthday card.
We have been going out for 1 year and 7 months today.

I love him.
:3 :)

Friday, 9 January 2009

S'more rambles.

I neeeeeeeeeed sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep.
Don't you love my fantastic layout? Yeah I totally didn't make it.
Danielle and Catherine better love their links.

My nose feels like it has fallen off. Tbh, I'd rather it did.. probably the only thing that'd get rid of this permanent cold. I don't even think it's a cold, it's just.. me. It is written in my genes; my natural state of health is ill.
At least I can just sleep for the next 48 hours.

Turns out my media covers are a definite A. But I got a B overall for my first draft of section one of the coursework, because my essay was a C. But s'okay, because essays are just giant blobs of unnecessary dribble. I'll just stick some more 'media words' in it, that'll make him happy, I'm sure.

I started reading 'Across the Nightingale Floor' by Lian Hearn the other day, because my sister was like practically forcing it down my throat. It's pretty good so far, only read like.. 33 pages though. I intend to start reading a bit more. I've always failed at finishing books in the past ysee. But I melted over Memoirs of a Geisha. Seriously, s'lushhhhhhhhhhhh. The film is nowhere near as good. Speaking of films based on books, saw that Twilight film every teenage girl seems to be obsessing over. Now, see, if I was 11 or possibly 12 I would have LOVED this film, seriously, it's the kind of film I would have wanted to BE. But, unfortunately, they were a few years too late. Unfortunately, half my friends have decided to join the herds of 12 year old girls and drool over the main 'amazingly HOT' vampire guy. And wish they were vampires. I don't understand. THAT film was the film that made them want to 'be vampires'?! I think most of said friends have read the book, of which I was unaware before we went to see the film, and it turned out I was the only one who hadn't.. I think..? Perhaps the book was crap and the film made it look good. Perhaps the book was FANTASTIC and just watching the film is silly because you're missing out on some kind of amazing plot secret that isn't made clear? Who knows. I was considering finding out and reading the book, however I have decided it would most probably be a waste of my time. I'm pretty sure it's not aimed at late teens. If it is, I must be more mature than I thought. Now Interview with the Vampire, THAT'S a good vampire book/film.

So yeah. Half my friends are that easily influenced by a children's vampire gooey-lovey fantasy film book thing. I expect Catherine will be like 'noooo no no I'm not I just think it's cool :)' which will just make me think this even more. Caitlin's fine with being known to adore this kinda fantasy.. and no idea about Laura, really. To be honest, I was slightly suprised it was Laura's thing. Danielle is like the complete opposite, but I'm thinking it's more to do with her phobia of films and love of laughing at Catherine more than anything else. They will all love this paragraphy, I'm sure. Paragraphy? I think my brain thought I was writing photography.

Speaking of photography (don't you just love the way I've made this post flow..), apparently the photography for my media covers was pretttyyyyyyyy gooooooooood. This was my intention, and I intend on stealing the Big Eye SLR sunday after this. I may have to take a few more pictures of people for this contents page I had no idea I had to make. And I just generally want to take more, because I have a growing obsession for portrait photography. And all my friends are epically photogenic. Which tbh does half the job for me ><

My mother just screamed 'HAZELLLLLLLL! FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!' up the stairs.
Going to eeeeeeeeeeeeat.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Bloggy Blog Blog.

And so it begins. Or continues. Either one.
Old blog hereee.
Previous ramblings. For your entertainment.

Why hellooo there.

Today was boring. It wasn't as cold as it was yesterday, but that wasn't exactly difficult. Also, it's fresh in my mind, I had music last in which I got back the coursework I handed in before Christmas. She marked it in the lesson, like did the whole get-them-to-mark-it-cuz-I-cba thing. So I ended up with 6/7 out of 10. Woot. That's like.. a C? Great. Didn't take me forever or anything. Noooooooooooo. A* at GCSE. A STAR. C at AS level? WHAT IS HAPPENING? I blame Caldicot. Pshhh. I have 'til May to make it better but that is besides the point.
Psychology was good. We're actually starting the GOOD stuff now, yknow, the actual psychology. I like psychology. :) Ohhhhhhhhh Drama was quite amusing today, well sort of.. we had Penny (the good teacher..) but Ashton walked in the class room and several people actually burst out laughing.. I mean, I knew she had rather bad taste in clothes, but seriously, she looked like she'd attempted to do a 60s look but ended up looking like a bit of a prat. That hat was the best.

Anyway, Media coursework meetingy thingy on Friday with Mr Rees, should be.. interesting.. at least I actually did my coursework, unlike the 23 people in my class who didn't. Lol at them. :) I'm not amazingly sure about mine though. I had to make magazine covers, then write an essay about them. Well, the first half of an essay.. second joyous half is yet to come. Here is one of the covers:

Media #3

This was the 'breaking conventions' one, because there is no main visual image. If you wanna see the others look in the 'Photography & Edits (FujiFilm Finepix F470) #3' album on my bebo (here). This was my favourite out of the three I did, prolly cuz it was the last one.. And I got slightly better at it as I went along.. No one has said anything about them on bebo, which is either because no one uses bebo anymore, or because no one wanted to comment because they thought they were the most hideous edits they had ever seen in their lives, or because they didn't notice their upload. Naturally, I'm assuing the second. I intend on attempting to make them all better after this 'coursework meeting'.

Now I am going to clarfiy exactly why I created this blog (hello Dani :)). Danielle made a new one the other day, then forced Catherine to (I'm guessing that wasn't too hard..?). No, I am not being a sheep. I remembered that writing things like this passes time quite efficiently, and in all these effin' frees in a school in which I know hardly anyone, something to pass the time is quite useful. Plus, you may realise that I do manage to ramble quite well. Seriously, I can type for hours.

On another note, I need to know from people, people who AREN'T my friends (though, granted, it is unlikely anyone who isn't my friend is ever going to read this..), whether the stuff on here is actually any good. Namely because it'll help with the decision of what-to-do-in-uni. Seriously doubt it'll be photography, but I could specialise in it in a media production course.. but then I could also specialise in film.. but I gotta say, I'm not the most imaginative person in the world, and creating film scripts is not my strong point. Production is good though. Which I suppose is what I'd be doing mostly anyway. In which case, ignore the last few sentences. Ahem. But yeah. Media Production or Psychology is the issue. I should prolly be patient and wait for exam results next year butttttttttttt I'm not patient. And neither is the head of sixth form. Damn her. And damn me. Damn you all.

But anyway. I'm sure this first post is exceedingly entertaining and that you have squeeled with merriment at the return of myself to the land of blogs. Oh yus.
I'll probably edit this later when I think of something else to ramble about.
I'm out. ;D