Tuesday, 13 January 2009


Hullo. In another lonesome free *sob*.
All of the computers were taken when Rhys came in here first (yeah, I have two frees in a row first thing, why did I bother coming in? ..to see Rhys in first of course! :)) apart from a few brokeny-not-working ones. But we spent basically the entire hour bending the pins in the keyboard jack to make it work, and thus, I am able to type.
Aren't you just thrilled.

I hate hypocrites. For instance, people who are very aware how much they are 'worshipped' and 'adored' by the mass of the teenage girl population of the website 'bebo' and absolutely love the attention then claiming to 'hate it when people worship celebrities'. Of course I am not talking about anyone in particular, why would you think that. It is probably a well known fact among those I talk to most that I have a growing hatred for people like that. Cough. These people also like to say that they accept constructive criticisim on their 'modelling photos', however when ever anyone leaves any form of criticism, be it constructive or not, they call them 'the definition of ugly', or 'FUCKING LOSERS', or tells them to 'take a long look in the mirror if you haven't smashed it already'. That's a point, why do people chronically obsessed with their appearance use that as basically their only comeback? For instance, if I was to say 'I think the way you react when people leave criticism on your photos is slightly childish.' they would come back with something like 'yeah like I give a shit what you fucking ugly cunt thinks. Look at yourself, you're HIDEOUS'. It's like.. whoa man, you may have a problem with what you look like, but I'm not too fussed to be honest.. and the one way to make your insecurities obvious to everyone is to push them onto everyone else, like that. If it is a comeback to an insult to their appearance, it would make more sense. Otherwise, it's just silly.
Why do people 'worship' this girl- I mean, these people anyway? They're egotisical idiots with rather large God-complexes. I bet whoever is reading this is thinking 'you're blatently jealous, why else would it annoy you so much'.. this is probably a valid point, but I do not understand the argument 'you only make fun of what you're jealous of' or whatever. Beacuse I genuinly dislike these kinds of people, they make me very angry because I think it is disgusting that someone can be so incredibly thick and completely controlled by what they look like and what they think others think of them and generally, in my opinion, quite hideous and yet so many people want their babies. I suppose it is a kind of jealousy in a way, in that I don't see why they even slightly deserve anything to make them happy; what the hell have they done? They've sat around painting their face stupid colours, wearing clothes quite clearly too small for them just to make their boobs (and unfortunately, their flab) stick out, then insulting anyone who says something that isn't positive, not even necessarily negative, but just not positive. Yeah, that's going to get them far in life.
What am I saying. Most of the famous 'celebrities' are like that.
I hate the way the world works.

*sigh*. Life's too short. To have an opinion? Yes. Oh. Be quiet.

Know who else is annoying? Gemma. When she doesn't tell us she's going to be in the week she said she wasn't going to be in. Meaning another week we could have at least used for planning filming is wasted.
Sfine. Sfiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.

I should probably think about happy things.


How about..

n'awws. I miss them. :(


dani said...

hmm, I wonder who you are talking about there because I cannot think of anyone at all and certainly not anyone kalled.. yeah, I think you know that that k is deliberate. I think it's kontagious. or something.


also also, I swear I've never seen that picture (although I know when it was taken 8-))

also also also, nice template.

Anonymous said...


Haz said...

and sankoo. I got a crap one and edited the code LOADS.
and yes. how did you guess.
and yes. new years christmas not quite blahhhhhhh 'party'.

Smaitlin said...

i was gonna do what dani did but she got there first

i kant belive she thought of it first >.<