Sunday, 30 August 2009


Okay, I don't care how tired I am, if I don't do this now I will never do it. I fail at blogging so much lately, I suuuuuuuuuuuck.

AS level results were not as bad as expected. I got my A in media :D and a nice and safe B in Psychology and Drama. The E in music was just the proof I needed for my inability to do WJEC music. I got a U in the written paper. This is the first time I've actually been given a fail.. bar the time I got 10% in an A-A* paper in maths.. but that doesn't count. But yeah, I officially fail at music. Which is odd, considering my A* in music GCSE.
Music has gone byebye now, s'all good.
Having only three lessons will be good.. means I can go to the gym a lot more and hopefully have some very empty days in which I can go to Cardiff to see Rhys. Ohh yeah, Rhys got into Glamorgan with his ABB grades :D S'cuz he's awesome :) This means I'll be living on the train though, hopefully. If it can be fitted in my busy schedule.. well, that's if my interview at Waitrose today was successful.. God I hope it was, you have no idea how much I need the monies D:

School starts next Thursday. This is less than a week.. not impressed. I've done nothing this summer. As a final 'byebye summer :(' thing, I'm going to Alton Towers with Rhys and his sister Rhiannon (and possibly her boyfriend, John?) on Tuesday, Rhiannon's paying for us to go cuz of Rhys getting into uni :) Should be cool, I intend on going on Nemisis and Rita.. been on Air before and there is no way anyone would get me anywhere near Oblivion. I love theme park nachos, but typically I'll lose my apetite, I always seem to when there is food I really like around me. I also love theme park donuts (it's why I'm fat), they're easier to eat than nachos, so I will definitely be eating them at some point.
That's right, I look forward to theme parks because of the food.

So here is Catherine being Hayley Williams.

This was for some modelling competition she entered with a Magazine.. I don't think they've judged it yet. She stands a good chance though, she does look quite like Hayley Williams.. well, she could look a lot less like her so..


This is a butterfly. There are lots around this year, they like posing on the buddleia just outside the porch.

I am super tired. I promise I'll post up photos and more stuffs tomorrow.. well, I say tomorrow, I mean today.. it's 00:47.

Sunday, 9 August 2009


WHY didn't anyone tell me there was a FILM SCHOOL in Monmouth? RRRG.
Don't suppose anyone knows anywhere else I could get film/tv/photography production experience? :/
Unlikely, I know.
Such things don't come around that often.

This also means summer has been delayed by another 2 weeks. Well, my summer. Because the people I would do things with haven't all been around at the same time as of yet. And won't be, until summer is over, I expect.

Next year had better be bloody good.

Friday, 7 August 2009


..well never mind 8-)
One of Dani's photos is the only one of the good photos that seems to have been acknowledged, all the other entries were clearly a lot worse than the awful things they picked to put on the mtv vote..
God it sounds like I'm sour.. maybe I'm just sooo bad at photography I don't even know what's good and what's complete and utter shite anymore 8-) yeah that's probably it :P Funny how one of the ones I thought was epic has managed to win one of the categories then.. *sigh* There were quite a few really good ones, WHY DIDN'T THEY CHOOSE THOSE?!!? I'm hoping it's because all the good ones weren't UK entries. If they were, I'm actually giving up on humanity completely.

This is Dani's winning entry, it won the 17-25 category for the brief 'What could I be?'

It's really good, I know. She won a map and a subscription to National Geographic magazine and is still in the vote on MTV's website for the best UK entry, where she might win a compact Olympus camera. You can vote here. DO IT.

So in my rage at the awful judging skills at MTV I went in search of ways to rectify my self-esteem drop involving finding more photography competitions. Probably not the best idea, as my track record so far isn't exactly brilliant (-1). All I found of any good were this and this. It wasn't hard to persuade my mother and sister that they want another trip to Slimbridge this summer, so I shall definitely attempt the wildlife one. Not so sure about the other one.
I'll think about it.
Or maybe I should quit whilst I'm.. er, behind :P Maybe I simply cannot be arsed :)