Friday, 9 January 2009

S'more rambles.

I neeeeeeeeeed sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep.
Don't you love my fantastic layout? Yeah I totally didn't make it.
Danielle and Catherine better love their links.

My nose feels like it has fallen off. Tbh, I'd rather it did.. probably the only thing that'd get rid of this permanent cold. I don't even think it's a cold, it's just.. me. It is written in my genes; my natural state of health is ill.
At least I can just sleep for the next 48 hours.

Turns out my media covers are a definite A. But I got a B overall for my first draft of section one of the coursework, because my essay was a C. But s'okay, because essays are just giant blobs of unnecessary dribble. I'll just stick some more 'media words' in it, that'll make him happy, I'm sure.

I started reading 'Across the Nightingale Floor' by Lian Hearn the other day, because my sister was like practically forcing it down my throat. It's pretty good so far, only read like.. 33 pages though. I intend to start reading a bit more. I've always failed at finishing books in the past ysee. But I melted over Memoirs of a Geisha. Seriously, s'lushhhhhhhhhhhh. The film is nowhere near as good. Speaking of films based on books, saw that Twilight film every teenage girl seems to be obsessing over. Now, see, if I was 11 or possibly 12 I would have LOVED this film, seriously, it's the kind of film I would have wanted to BE. But, unfortunately, they were a few years too late. Unfortunately, half my friends have decided to join the herds of 12 year old girls and drool over the main 'amazingly HOT' vampire guy. And wish they were vampires. I don't understand. THAT film was the film that made them want to 'be vampires'?! I think most of said friends have read the book, of which I was unaware before we went to see the film, and it turned out I was the only one who hadn't.. I think..? Perhaps the book was crap and the film made it look good. Perhaps the book was FANTASTIC and just watching the film is silly because you're missing out on some kind of amazing plot secret that isn't made clear? Who knows. I was considering finding out and reading the book, however I have decided it would most probably be a waste of my time. I'm pretty sure it's not aimed at late teens. If it is, I must be more mature than I thought. Now Interview with the Vampire, THAT'S a good vampire book/film.

So yeah. Half my friends are that easily influenced by a children's vampire gooey-lovey fantasy film book thing. I expect Catherine will be like 'noooo no no I'm not I just think it's cool :)' which will just make me think this even more. Caitlin's fine with being known to adore this kinda fantasy.. and no idea about Laura, really. To be honest, I was slightly suprised it was Laura's thing. Danielle is like the complete opposite, but I'm thinking it's more to do with her phobia of films and love of laughing at Catherine more than anything else. They will all love this paragraphy, I'm sure. Paragraphy? I think my brain thought I was writing photography.

Speaking of photography (don't you just love the way I've made this post flow..), apparently the photography for my media covers was pretttyyyyyyyy gooooooooood. This was my intention, and I intend on stealing the Big Eye SLR sunday after this. I may have to take a few more pictures of people for this contents page I had no idea I had to make. And I just generally want to take more, because I have a growing obsession for portrait photography. And all my friends are epically photogenic. Which tbh does half the job for me ><

My mother just screamed 'HAZELLLLLLLL! FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!' up the stairs.
Going to eeeeeeeeeeeeat.


Catherineey said...

Catherine is most definately not photogenic mind you.
Other than that minor error that blog was pretty much accurate.
But I deny the fact you think I think Cullen was hot. He wasn't bad, but he could have been a lot hotter. (:
Also, who are you kidding, you loved it too, there was pizza.
Pizza makes everything great.

Haz said...

A veeryyyy small amount of pizza :P But yeah I see your point.
And I'mma just ignore the other things you said because you and I both know they are oh so untrue.