Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Bloggy Blog Blog.

And so it begins. Or continues. Either one.
Old blog hereee.
Previous ramblings. For your entertainment.

Why hellooo there.

Today was boring. It wasn't as cold as it was yesterday, but that wasn't exactly difficult. Also, it's fresh in my mind, I had music last in which I got back the coursework I handed in before Christmas. She marked it in the lesson, like did the whole get-them-to-mark-it-cuz-I-cba thing. So I ended up with 6/7 out of 10. Woot. That's like.. a C? Great. Didn't take me forever or anything. Noooooooooooo. A* at GCSE. A STAR. C at AS level? WHAT IS HAPPENING? I blame Caldicot. Pshhh. I have 'til May to make it better but that is besides the point.
Psychology was good. We're actually starting the GOOD stuff now, yknow, the actual psychology. I like psychology. :) Ohhhhhhhhh Drama was quite amusing today, well sort of.. we had Penny (the good teacher..) but Ashton walked in the class room and several people actually burst out laughing.. I mean, I knew she had rather bad taste in clothes, but seriously, she looked like she'd attempted to do a 60s look but ended up looking like a bit of a prat. That hat was the best.

Anyway, Media coursework meetingy thingy on Friday with Mr Rees, should be.. interesting.. at least I actually did my coursework, unlike the 23 people in my class who didn't. Lol at them. :) I'm not amazingly sure about mine though. I had to make magazine covers, then write an essay about them. Well, the first half of an essay.. second joyous half is yet to come. Here is one of the covers:

Media #3

This was the 'breaking conventions' one, because there is no main visual image. If you wanna see the others look in the 'Photography & Edits (FujiFilm Finepix F470) #3' album on my bebo (here). This was my favourite out of the three I did, prolly cuz it was the last one.. And I got slightly better at it as I went along.. No one has said anything about them on bebo, which is either because no one uses bebo anymore, or because no one wanted to comment because they thought they were the most hideous edits they had ever seen in their lives, or because they didn't notice their upload. Naturally, I'm assuing the second. I intend on attempting to make them all better after this 'coursework meeting'.

Now I am going to clarfiy exactly why I created this blog (hello Dani :)). Danielle made a new one the other day, then forced Catherine to (I'm guessing that wasn't too hard..?). No, I am not being a sheep. I remembered that writing things like this passes time quite efficiently, and in all these effin' frees in a school in which I know hardly anyone, something to pass the time is quite useful. Plus, you may realise that I do manage to ramble quite well. Seriously, I can type for hours.

On another note, I need to know from people, people who AREN'T my friends (though, granted, it is unlikely anyone who isn't my friend is ever going to read this..), whether the stuff on here is actually any good. Namely because it'll help with the decision of what-to-do-in-uni. Seriously doubt it'll be photography, but I could specialise in it in a media production course.. but then I could also specialise in film.. but I gotta say, I'm not the most imaginative person in the world, and creating film scripts is not my strong point. Production is good though. Which I suppose is what I'd be doing mostly anyway. In which case, ignore the last few sentences. Ahem. But yeah. Media Production or Psychology is the issue. I should prolly be patient and wait for exam results next year butttttttttttt I'm not patient. And neither is the head of sixth form. Damn her. And damn me. Damn you all.

But anyway. I'm sure this first post is exceedingly entertaining and that you have squeeled with merriment at the return of myself to the land of blogs. Oh yus.
I'll probably edit this later when I think of something else to ramble about.
I'm out. ;D


dani said...

I actually DID squeal with merriment at the return of yourself to the land of blogs.

Haz said...

I should think so too!

Catherineey said...

Yarse, and me (: