Friday, 30 January 2009

Oh dear God.

So I was just reading my old blog, until I tried to look at older posts and was stopped by the LOVELY school filter. What the hell did I write about?! I'll find out when I get home, s'fine.

I appear to be dying again. My nose won't stop crying. I seriously think it needs some prozac or lithium or something.. yes I am aware noses don't really have any form of emotion, and yes I am aware I am just either allergic to everything or a walkingtalkingcold. I'll just go and sleep then shall I?
I wish.
I'm so tired my eyes are behaving an awful lot like window shutters... in the sense they keep trying to shut.. what? What the hell am I-
I don't even know anymore.

This is my only free today. I don't understand how people can have so little frees.. I mean, just this week alone I have a total of... errrrrr.. 1o frees.. that's like.. loads. Although to be fair I have less frees in week 2. Only... 7. Oh. that's not THAT much less.
What do I even do in school? I seem to spend my life sat at one of these crappy computers moaning about something. Like this.
And where's Rhys? I think it's mighty selfish of him to be in a lesson right now. Mighty selfish? Mighty?
Yeah. I don't know. I seriously, SERIOUSLY need to sleep. It has gone beyond a joke.

I'm going to Monmouth on Saturday! Oh what joy, the town I spent five years trying to escape from, and I actually ended up missing it. I'm good like that, see. It is it's own stupid fault, I mean.. a comprehensive school.. without Media Studies? Idiots. Absolute. Yup.

I'm having to live life using my compact camera. Again. It was a lovely camera when I first got it, really nice quality.. for the first year and a half.. now it's starting to show it's age. Focus doesn't behave very well at all anymore, and it's practically impossible to use without the flash. Unless you like failblurs. And the colour orange. Hopefully meine mutter will be nice enough to get me an SLR for my birthday. I mean a DSLR, of course, because we already own an SLR, which I would use and mess around with if a) it wasn't my mothers and b) I could be bothered to get the film developed/develop it myself. Ha, that is SO likely to happen. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to do it at uni and all that, which I expect I would if I took Media Production. It's probably quite handy my mother already has an SLR really. She never uses it anymore, also. So I doubt she'd mind me stealing it ><
Maybe that's what I'll do. Ooooh, might bring it to Monmouth on Saturday! I mean, tomorrow. Because Saturday is tomorrow. WOOO! SLEEP! But yeah. I have seemed to have noticed that whenever I bring all cameray type stuff with me places with the intent of taking a lot of photos, because I don't seem to have many recent ones (or any, rather..) I end up not taking any photos at all. Or very little. So I expect if I did take the SLR to Monmouth it'd just be sat in my bag being sad and unused.
My mother is probably going to laugh when I ask to borrow her SLR. And she will probably say that it has no film. Which will be fantastic, because it's not like I have enough things to spend my money on at the moment.
Actually, to be fair I don't have TOO much, the biggest money-sucker is birthdays, and Catherine's is the only birthday coming up. The next one is Laura's, and that's not 'til May.
Of course mine is inbetween those two, though. But the good thing about my birthday is that I don't have to buy myself any presents. It would be both pointless and just like.. buying.. stuff.. for me.. which I do quite a lot anyway.

I really think I need more hobbies. Look at this post. It's one of the most pointless pieces of text in existance. Infact it's not even a piece of text, it's just a load of pixels on a computer. On the internet. Which is very big.
Rhys will probably tell me off for being wrong about what it actually is if he reads this. To which I will reply 'Yeah well so's your face :)' because he loves it, yup.
I. Need. Sleep.

Filming on Sunday! FINALLY. Although technically all we're doing this Sunday is that one greenscreen scene. Hahaha that rhymes. But yeah the scene in which I am wearing pyjamas. If you cast your minds aback to when we did this scene before, there was a rather interesting picture taken as a result of me looking rather angry and disorientated in my pyjamas with one boot on. I do remember being quite ill that day, and thus deciding to stay in my pyjamas. Hopefully this Sunday will not be a repeat of said events. Judging by my current state of mind, that is proving unlikely. *sigh*

It's Catherine's birthdaypartythingysleepover next weekend! It's a sleepover because Catherine is too scared to ask for a day off work for her birthday. Despite the fact she has never had a day off for anything like that, so they obviously owe her tonnes. Especially considering the fact they make her work so often.
I need a job. Quite badly.
I'm going to apply for a job in the Waitrose that is opening up in Caldicot in the summer. It's unlikely I'll get a job, because they're offering jobs to all the people that used to work in the summerfield there, but I may as well try. If I can figure out their weird method of applying.

It's nearly break so I'mma go nows.


dani said...


also, this piece of text is not entirely pointless.
an entirely pointless piece of text would be catherine's monologue, which I re-read last night. what the hell was she on o.O


Anonymous said...

technically It's not pixels its information being stored on a hard drive beinh renderd visually through pixels :p

Haz said...

...'Yeah well so's your face :)'