Saturday, 23 May 2009


Halfway through exams now. Psychology and music down, just media and drama to go. The two I hope to get As in. Yaaaay. It's good that they're the two that require the least revision, though, and they aren't until the 1st and 3rd of June, which is a week and a bit away. It's halfterm now :D Apparently the weather is meant to get really good this week, temperature could go up to 28 degrees.. lots of walks planned, lots of photos to be taken. Should be good, hopefully.
We'll see.

My fecking Ramune won't open. I've had it since Christmas (thanks Rhys ;D) and have been saving it. Probably not the best idea.. all that carbon dioxide building up underneath that lil glass ball.. it's actually impossible to open it now. I WAN' RAMUNE. ggrrrrrrrrrumbleee.
Oh also
third in BeMyInspiration? Sorry? What's that about? Granted, it's the one I didn't try as hard in.. but.. third? *soreloser*. And second in EPP?!
Not cool, man. Not cool.
Here are my losing entries.

'Portrait' for EPP.

'Anything' for EPP. (I said the theme was 'wilted time'.. 8-))

'Seasons' for BeMyInspiration. I actually thought this was alright.. considering I had no idea what to do.. did a nice bit'o'macro.

'Technology' for BeMyInspiration. Did definitely not steal this idea from a deviantard.

Bask in the loseryness of my photographs! I AM NO WINNARR D: I'm sorry, Danielle. I have failed you, Gabriella has defeated me.

I'm now going to move swiftly on in order to confirm the fact I am not a bebotard. Ahem.

I have a few more photos for you. We went to Caitlin's house the other week to 'revise' psychology. Well, I say 'revise'.. I did actually intend to revise, what with the first exam being 2 days after. Little revision was done. A fair amount of photographs were taken.
Here's a selection for you.

T'was a very photogenic day.
I hope there are many more days such as these to come.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Mayyyy is here.

I'm definitely not going to do a post instead of practice my guitar and (frankly quite shite) singing for my music exam in approximately 38 hours. Nevarrrr.
I have a few more pictures. Not a great deal more, though.. nowhere near as many as I should have considering the fact I now own a DSLR which I had been drooling over for months beforehand. Although considering I started my Open University course in Digital Photography on Friday perhaps the number of pictures per blogpost will increase. Who knows. This OU course does set a fair amount of tasks.. only one task each week is (relitively) compulsary, though. I did one of the other tasks which involved taking three pictures of the same bottle; one focusing on light, one on colour and the other focusing on a viewpoint. I think I failed slightly at colour. Let's be honest now, a clear bottle full of water isn't the most colourful photo-subject in the world. I attempted to do what the scary tutor lady had done and make a dent in the bottle and shine light through it to make it go all rainbowy, but I couldn't find anything to shine light through it with other than windows and it was raining and grey outside and.. yeah, was giant fail. Haven't actually uploaded them yet. Will do soon (yay for you).
But yeah. The first compulsaryish task is either of these:

"Choose one of the following activities:

Select two letters from the alphabet and take a picture for each letter. Do not just look for letters on signs; think creatively about the shapes in nature and of objects – for example a rope laid on the ground may become an ‘s’ or a ‘w’.
Take two images of familiar subjects from below waist height or above head height (not at the normal head height). Try to find a subject that you can photograph from above and below and from the side. Take at least one shot which is close up to the subject and one which is taken from a distance. Use this opportunity to give an unusual perspective on a familiar subject.
Take two pictures of a place, a person and a still life. For each subject take two shots, one using landscape format and the other using portrait format – i.e. with the camera held horizontally and vertically"

I'm thinking the last one. It sounds the easiest (yeah, will probably attempt the harder ones when I don't have so many exams..) and least time consuming. I shall attempt it tomorrow, perhaps. Suggestions on photo content would be appreciated. I do hope they will not all turn out as failblurs, like the last couple of shoots. It's possible I'm still getting used to Alfie.

I think I have swineflu. Either that or chronic hayfever.. hayfever similar to that of which I had last year and the year before and the ye- definitely swineflu. I'm going to die and it's all Mexico's fault. Bastards. I'll just keep taking my antihistamine and hoping for the best. Mother wants to drag me to the doctors again to get more 'nasal spray'.. it's as vile as it sounds.. and does absolutely nothing. Well, it makes me sneeze a lot. And makes my eyes run.. perhaps nasal spray is the cause of all my nasal problems. I'll present this theory to the doctor, she'll love it. Her name is Dr Christmas, making her AWESOME. Mary Christm- I'm pretty sure her first name isn't Mary. Y'gutted. Actually it could be, maybe I should ask her this when collecting my nasal spray. Oh noes, I might have to see Dr Jennings instead! This could cause problems.. not only would I not find out Dr Christmas' first name, but I would probably end up going home with someone else's medication, due to the fact I can't understand a word Dr Jennings says. He just kind of goes 'ooohhhtorhtorhtorhtt *laughsnort* ohhhhhhhhhhhhhtorhttorht :)'. He's Irish. Veeeeeeeeeery Irish. Also, when my Grandma was still alive my mother went to see him to get some of her prescriptions so he got some forms that needed filling in or something.. but picked up a form with 'Deceased' written at the top, then chuckled to himself 'hohoho.. won't be needing that just yet ;)'.
I don't like Irish doctors.

Moving swiftly on, it's May. May is a good month, a month I intend to use for many photoshoots. The fact I am on study leave starting next week certainly helps in free time for these photoshoots, however I should really only consider doing anything of the sort after May 21st, as this is my last May exam. Although saying that, I do have exams on the 1st and 3rd of June.. but they are Media and Drama which are tricky to revise for (relitively). It's fine, I doubt I'll be taking photos all the time. I will most certainly try, though ;D ahem.

The past few weeks haven't really been amazing for me. Almost every area of my life has in some way turned negative at some point. Maybe it's good that the only positive thing throughout has been how I've been doing in Media.. it certainly helps boost my academic frame of mind. Somewhat.
I'm not loving the fact all my friends apparently thought I hated their company last year. I don't even remember what my mindset was last year, so much stuff has happened this year it all seems sooo long ago.. although saying that, my memory has proven itself to be pretty shite generally recently. Either way, I'm quite positive that I was not hating their company in the least last year. Most certainly the opposite. Urgh, does this mean I give off the wrong impression to everyone? I've always thought I was disturbingly easy to read.. still, I suppose this explains why some of them have been 'off' with me since leaving Monmouth. It's funny though, I distinctly remember thinking (and as earlier stated, I don't remember much 8-)) 'if I go on about how much I can't wait to leave Monmouth they may think I can't wait to leave them.. I must not let this happen!' and then proceeded to state that the reason I wanted to leave was purely because of Media and that school is for education not socialising and therefore a sacrifice had to be made; it was a bloody shitting decision that I did not enjoy making one bit.
Maybe I was just being twattish and anti-social. Iunno. Iunno most things anymore.

And for fucksake, Rhys, if we don't stop doing this I'm going to rip my fucking face off.

Nowwwwwwwwwww picture time ;D

'Idols' task. T'wasn't a photography task, don't worry. This is also a nice represenation for my blogggg for Green Day's comeback. Which I was quite excited about, now I am rather extremely very annoyed, due to my failings in the acquiring tickets department. *sigh* only another five years to go.
21st Century Breakdown: Pre-ordered.

Focus.. hands.. arrgh.

This was Colour#2. Spot the failfocus.
Apparently this task appeared to be more 'for autumn'. What? How th- not fair.

'Secrets' task. Incase it's too small (which it is) the secret portrayed is self harm. Lovely, I know. This isn't even edite- okay maybe it is. Scars don't look too real anyway, lets face it. I think I overuse this de-saturated effect as well. Although it does work relitively well with the mood of the picture.. who knows.

'Ribbon' task. This is the first picture for the finals of EPP.. not sure it's good enough, but I shall try and get the next two pictures up to an epic standard. Yup.