Saturday, 23 May 2009


Halfway through exams now. Psychology and music down, just media and drama to go. The two I hope to get As in. Yaaaay. It's good that they're the two that require the least revision, though, and they aren't until the 1st and 3rd of June, which is a week and a bit away. It's halfterm now :D Apparently the weather is meant to get really good this week, temperature could go up to 28 degrees.. lots of walks planned, lots of photos to be taken. Should be good, hopefully.
We'll see.

My fecking Ramune won't open. I've had it since Christmas (thanks Rhys ;D) and have been saving it. Probably not the best idea.. all that carbon dioxide building up underneath that lil glass ball.. it's actually impossible to open it now. I WAN' RAMUNE. ggrrrrrrrrrumbleee.
Oh also
third in BeMyInspiration? Sorry? What's that about? Granted, it's the one I didn't try as hard in.. but.. third? *soreloser*. And second in EPP?!
Not cool, man. Not cool.
Here are my losing entries.

'Portrait' for EPP.

'Anything' for EPP. (I said the theme was 'wilted time'.. 8-))

'Seasons' for BeMyInspiration. I actually thought this was alright.. considering I had no idea what to do.. did a nice bit'o'macro.

'Technology' for BeMyInspiration. Did definitely not steal this idea from a deviantard.

Bask in the loseryness of my photographs! I AM NO WINNARR D: I'm sorry, Danielle. I have failed you, Gabriella has defeated me.

I'm now going to move swiftly on in order to confirm the fact I am not a bebotard. Ahem.

I have a few more photos for you. We went to Caitlin's house the other week to 'revise' psychology. Well, I say 'revise'.. I did actually intend to revise, what with the first exam being 2 days after. Little revision was done. A fair amount of photographs were taken.
Here's a selection for you.

T'was a very photogenic day.
I hope there are many more days such as these to come.


Lawriet said...

pffft they both suck really :p they are only bebo groups :p

Hazel said...

i know, theys all tards :)

Catherineey said...

Gaberiella won?!
The mod is a tosser. (:

The photos are lush.
I like how me standing over Danielle pointing in a laughey way was included in the "photogenic day" category. The contrast with the other pictures make me lol. (: