Friday, 30 January 2009


Well it was pointless me stopping blogging for break cuz all I did was sit here 'til the end of break. Well not right here because I was on the computer over there ->
But yeah Rhys didn't show up. Of course it is generally pointless looking at my phone to see if he's texted me because Rhys + texting = doesn't happen. But it just so happened that the one time I didnt look was the one time he did. I went to Media after break only to discover it wasn't on, then came back here and discovered Rhys had said he was going to be 'late' because he'd not come in yet or something.
So now I have ANOTHER free. Without Rhys. Because despite the fact he was 15 mins late for it, he decided to go to drama.

If I go down the village now I bet you anything Rhys will want to at lunch.

ps. I fixed the times on blogs and comments. It's now actually the correct time. Yup.

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