Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Tetris Effect

So generally when you have felt sick for the past two days you don't have a whole carton of strawberry milkshake, a doughnut and several wham bars for lunch.
I will probably throw up at some point today. Huzzahhh.

I still think the B-52s are awesome. I didn't realise they were still going.. I may have to download their discography. Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiif I can be bothered.

So I'm writing this at school, despite the fact that for some unknown (and I'm sure definitely not valid) reason the filter has spread from the IT rooms to EVERY OTHER COMPUTER IN THE SCHOOL. Even the teacher's. What is HAPPENING. *headdesk* But yeah, I'm writing this in school, because I am in a free. To be honest, today has been a day of frees. I shouldn't have come in, reeeeally. Well.. I was supposed to have Psychology first (which I spent a good hour or so writing an essay for last night...) but because of some crash on the motorway half the teachers were either late in or just didn't turn up, so first and second lesson was cancelled for the entire school. Despite the fact my Psychology teacher was actually in. Hmph. That was the only lesson I was actually mildly looking forward to. I should have gone to music third, but I felt rather sick, and didn't reeeeally want to. I did go to drama fourth, however. I'm not that stupid.
But, alas, now it is fifth. Why don't you go home, I hear you ask. Because I am going back to Rhys' house this evening, which is good because I have not been over his in a few weeks. And I shant again til next week probs. And then in half term he is going to New York with the school for five days. *sob*

I was going to write more but I just got distracted and played bloons and now school is over. Oh well.


dani said...

1. bloons! so much win.

2. That crash also stole half of our teachers. I was good with that, until I realised that mrs knell actually WAS in and I WAS going to get into trouble for not doing the homework. Yay, yay, yaaay.


Catherineey said...

Gutted about Knell and the homework.
BLogger and lookbook are the only 2 remaining sites that havn't been filtered here.
I suggest next time you feel ill you drink some squash and ahve some bread/rice to settle your stomach. (:

Haz said...

yeah, cuz squash and rice are so easy to aquire in school :P
i hate filters.