Sunday, 22 February 2009

why do we go round again in circles

I feel like ranting about lookbook.
I'm sure I'd love it and still have an account on it if I could fit into size 6 clothes. Butttt I can't, so I said byebyeee to lookbook.

I know it's practically a modelling site, so what should I expect.. but it highlighted for me the fact I'm in no way 'fashionable' or 'the-normal-size'. Yaaaay. Although really I knew that before, it's just one of those 'HAHA LOOK YOU'RE FAAAAAAT AND DRESS SILLY XD' things, yknow? Course you don't.
And one of the worst things is when people say 'ohh no there are 'larger girls' who have made it really far on lookbook!'.. that's a bit like saying 'ohh noo there are really thick idiots who have made it really far in the medicine'-

err I started writing this like hours ago and forgot about it, but just found this tab.

Basically, I'm really starting to get down about my weight. I know I'm not obese or whatever but against my friends I'm starting to really stand out as the fat one. I've never been skinny but s'getting worse really. And the clothes I wear don't exactly disguise this.

Every single one of my friends is a stick. Like, all of them. Even my boyfriend.

Either I'm the only 'normal' one, or I'm just considerably fatter.

ERUGHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS. I'll love that I posted this tomorrow morning, I bet :)
I'm just going to go and kill myself now, bbl.


Lawriet said...

:( well I wouldnt worry about looking larger next to me...after all I am in the "dangerously underweight" catagory...

Fitting in to Lookbook would mean either having an insane motabolism or being anorexic, and trust me you don't want either of those things.

You are avarage in weight trust me, its jsut me and your friends happen to have stupid motabolisms :p it's NOT good beain able to circle your wrist with one hand :p

dani said...

psssssssssst, almost everyone on lookbook has probably dieted so much that the nice parts of their brains are gone. and the sane parts. and lalallaa.

..I'm starting to get bored of it, myself. No-one reallly dresses like that. It's just "this is what I would look like if I was constantly dressed up. lolololol."

ps - being a stick, not a good thing :P You and Caitlin are the normal-healthy-weight ones :P Catherine is epicly like 'noooess i cant eat that :( its got like, CREAMMM on it!' and she eats healthy breakfast food at break and buys people sandwiches with avocado in them (as opposed to the much nicer pizza sandwiches which are not meant to be sandwiches but yummm).
And laura is incapable of eating fast so she's tinnyy :)

Oh, and the fashionable thing? just no, silly. If the lookbook people actually went out like that, they would
1) freeze to death/trip over on their heels.
2) be laughed at, a lot.
3) accidentally flash just about everyone.
You dress like people :)

Smaitlin said...

lookbook is skinny stick site, often i look at the people there and think "ewww but they must not eat...ever"

dont compare yourself to them...youre not the 'fat one' you never have been fat.
just run everyday, it'll be fine

i cant circle my wrist with my hand...didnt know that :p

youre fine, youve got a lovely figure and lookbook is just a bunch of twigs