Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Snowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww again. And Catheriney Partay.

So I'm not in school because of snow, again. Although to be fair school would have ended 15 mins ago (from typing this sentence...) anyway but meh.
It snowed quite epically when I got home last night and the drive was like an icey snowy slidey thingy. Not especially good for cars to drive up and down.

The most snow was last.. thursday? I think... oh no according to the photos it was Friday. Yeah that makes more sense actually. Wow my memory is worse than I thought.
But yeah, these are the pictures taken when I had just woken up on Friday. They're quite epic, all taken through windows because I was too cold already and boring to go outside and take photos.

This is the view from my bedroom window again. It's raather pants quality because of the being taken through a window thing 8-) T'waz raaather a lot of snowwwwwwww...


So that was last friday, 06-02-09. It is now tuesday, 10-02-09. And I am off school. Because of snow. TOO MUCH SNOW.
There wasn't so much today tbf, just enough to stop me getting out of the house. This is the view from my window today (took this just now, lots has melted since first thing...)

I know what you're thinking. Snow all looks the same, THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THOSE PHOTOS. And you would basically correct.
But I like cataloging the snowness. So shuhuhsh.

On another note..

T'waz Catherine's birthday party sleepovery doodad on Saturday > Sunday. Caitlin didn't come because of the failsnow :'( and her retarded secretary whom will be destroyed gradually over time, sfine. As you are aware (if you are one of the many people who read my blog.. ehem..) I went as a 70s punk. I have no pictures of what I looked like exactly on the night because we failed at photos slightly.. but I do have a picture of Catherine the 50s tard :)

She is holding her cat, Hamish. Whom always had that look of concern.
I probably should have removed the redeye here >< I will eventually, sfine.
Here is Dani the 60s tard.

Again with the redeye.. *sigh*. Stupid camera.
I don't have a picture of Laura the 80s tard DD: WHY NOT? I'll tell you why. The only picture(s) of Laura the 80s tard were on Barnacle Bernard, whom has not graced us with his presence online recently. I wonder why that is, Danielle. Granted there weren't many pictures taken, but still. 8-)

So we went to pizza express in our decade outfits, walked in order and in character, of course. We got some raather good looks from pizza expressy peoples. I think Catherine and Danielle were the most obvious for their decades, I was the most rediculous and, as always, Laura was the cutest.

I have a headache. I think I may leave you now, I am sure it'll take you a while to absorb the picturey goodness from this post. Yup.


Smaitlin said...

i love how you said it was MY secretary, like she works for me ^^
she will one day....

awesome photos :p

dani said...

lololol hairband

ps - barnacle bernard + computer = effort and I really should be doing essays. . . which I cant be bothered to do. six due in tomorrow. SIX.


Hazel said...

SIX?! I suggest you maybe do some of those..