Wednesday, 18 March 2009


On a lovely continuation from my last post, things haven't exactly improved.
Infact, the only one that has changed for the better is the dA one.
But only because I managed to upload something. The whole.. pointless thing is still very much so the case.

That lovely rash (which I'm sure you love hearing about) is worse. And I'm pretty sure it's not heat rash now. Doctors tomorrow, good because of no school. Bad because I HAVE A REALLY BAD RASH.
That is SO itchy.

I'm going to fail at the next 2 photography tasks because my mind is not exactly in a state for being creative. Tbh, I don't think I'd think of anything anyway. I seem to be shite at this. All I have done so far is copy things I've seen elseware.. badly.
And use old photos.

Haven't been to the gym at all this week or last. Feeling nice and fat ;D

Psychology test on Monday, probably not gonna get a chance to revise. So I'll probably fail that.

Things are doing their best to go wrong for me at the moment, it would seem.

Hmm ¬¬
But hey, here are some photos for you to comment on so you don't have to worry about all that.

My 'Fashion Shoot' photography task.

Yeah, have fun.


dani said...

Oh dear.
Well. You are not going to fail at the next two photography tasks. because you are you. Thus, you cannot fail. Also, which other peoples ideas have you stolen? and when exactly have you used old photographs? o.O
also also, I haven't been to the gym, ever. I am a slob. And you are not fat.

And finally, I like that picture because catherine has one shadow leg and one normal one, and it looks like she is wearing one-leg-black-one-leg-white tights. which do actually exist.

Hazel said...

ha, this is true.
and the landscapey one was taken before the task was set...
and the emotiony faces were stolen from that pic i linked you to from dA.. and the flower one was just pants 8-)

dani said...

so just like my paintyface one was stolen from a picture on dA
and my emotion one was stolen from about 9283903890235 pictures all over bebo
and my landscape one was taken 8 minutes before the task was announced ;D