Tuesday, 17 March 2009



Listening to Panic at the Disco is the WORST thing to do if you're annoyed. It's just making me EVEN MORE ANGRY.
I'm so annoyed I can't turn itunes off.
I have to shout instead.

I have an incredibly itchy rash all over my legs, arms, back and it's slowly appearing on my face. My mother says heat rash or an allergy, I took antihistamine earlier. Doesn't appear to have done much.
Slightly less itchy I suppose.

I upgraded my dA account for £3.50ish. I don't know why. No one views my page - waste of money.
And now it won't upload anything because it's decided to have a server crash. Thanks for that, dA.

My internet keeps cutting out. DDD<

..let's be honest, now. Dani will read this, Catherine might. Rhys might.

I could basically just be saying this in conversations with them.

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Catherineey said...

some days just everything goes wrong.
and they suck.