Wednesday, 17 June 2009

School's fun, yup.

Arrgghh I'm dyyyyinnnngg
Stomach is growling at me and Iuno why :( I would put food in it but a) it's hurty in an I-have-no-apetite way and b) I can't be arsed.
I am in school, by the way. Getting food to consume would involve walking aaaallll the way to the village, because I have no stupid finger print account here or 'swipe card'. If it was connected to Monmouth I would.. but, alas, I find myself stuck in a school with a canteen containing foods I simply am not allowed to eat.
I think I'm going mad.
I'm blogging in school. I haven't done this in aages, MONTHS. God, I hate the fact year 12s go back to school after exams. Really, I've had 5 lessons over the past 3 days so far and 2 of them were dvd lessons and another was just sitting in a classroom commenting on how pregnant my teacher. I have only had two in which we have actually done anything of any meaning to my life or any form of education, these lessons being media, in which he has said 'you don't have to come to lessons for the next two weeks if you don't want to :)' meaning the next two weeks will be weeks of NOTHING. All we did in media really was talk about the coursework, which sounds pretty damn awesome. We get the next two weeks to decide what to actually do for it, because it's so open. S'gonna be well cool. I also just had psychology which was one of the dvd lessons, well, I say dvd, it's actually a VIDEO we're watching (I know, we're well retro at Caldicot..), a video of 'Seven', or 'Se7en' or however you wanna write it. This is the fourth time I have seen this film, 3 of these times being in school. Drama, media and now psychology. What the hell is school's obsession with this film? I can vaguely understand psychology, what with it being centered around a paranoid schizophrenic, but it's an 18 and the first time I saw this film in school I must have been 15. Makes no sense. I'm not really complaining though, it's quite a good film.. it's just, I can't watch just 'quite good' films that amount of times in the space of 3 years. I hate overwatching films, it ruins them. It's the same with music, people who overlisten to music are just strange, they're the kind of people who don't really listen to the music, they just put it on the background, which should be and illegal offence, really.
I have music in 15 minutes. Should I go? The teachers say we must go for at least 2 weeks before giving up, but I just know I'm not going to take music, I'd rather eat potatoes off a fatman's backside, to be honest. It's a waste of time; I know I'm not going to do well in it and I dislike it severely. Bleh.. I was planning on going down the village instead and getting food, but my stomach is really hurting right now.. hmm, maybe walking will make it ease off, who knows. Or maybe it's CAUSED by walking.. should I take that risk?
I probably will, otherwise I'll just end up blogging for the next hour. Believe me, I can type a LOT in an hour.
Hah, I think you'd all enjoy that.
Yes, every single one of you.

I can't post photos in this post. This would mainly be because I am in school and therefore have no photos to post, but also because.. I have no photos to post. I have not really taken many of any decent standard since my last post.. just the Trellech ones with Danielle and Catherine. Maybe if you're lucky I'll post them up when I get home.
If I can be bothered.
What are the chances, eh.
Saying that, if I can be bothered to go the gym later when my stomach is screaming at me for unknown reasons then I should really be bothered to sit at my computer and post photos to this blog.
I'm generally not an amazingly sensical person, apparently.

Urgghghghgg owwchhhh :( Maybe it's apendicitis.. that'd be fun. Yeah. Brlhl.g.
Where even is the apendix? I'ma ask google.. ahh, no way is this apendicitis then, it's in a completely different place. My actual stomach is screaming at me.. maybe it's just really REALLY godamn hungry, so much so it's going to criple me until I eat. Well then it's gutted and can stop having a strop, or I'm not doing anything. It's behaving like a small child and shall be treated like one. However it could not be because it's hungry.. could be infected by an uncooked food I have recently consumed.. but then doesn't food poisoning appear a few hours after consumption? In which case, I do not have food poisoning. I have not eaten anything since tea last night.. I believe the last thing I ate was Tesco value ice cream.. Hah, maybe my stomach just really hates tesco. Or, maybe I have gastric flu. That'd be equally as fun, although I believe I would have thrown up by now. Maybe I have really bad wind.. in my stomach. This is the least severe really and most definitely the most likely.. but then I've had that before and it didn't feel like this.
Oh dear, the bell just went. Do I go? Hmmm.. I think whatever I do it will not involve this blog, so I think I shall say goodbye for now.
I'm sure you had fun reading this.
Oyasumi nasai! (because it's definitely night..)


dani said...

hazel, you're awesome.
ps - the potatoes/fatman's backside thing is exactly how i felt about maths, I just couldn't find the words :P

Lawriet said...

I think the apendix helped cave men to digest raw meet, but that may jsut be urban ledgend...

Yea school sux :p we did stuff in all my lessons last year :S

Smaitlin said...

apendixs are there to prove god doesn't exist, that's all :)

Catherineey said...

oh noes, that free sounded well fun.

I disagree with Caitlin's comment. It just disproves creationism, if anything. Even then it's scetchy. God and creationisn are different things really.

Hazel said...

I don't see how it's 'sketchy' :p it proves the theory of evolution quite nicely, which in turn disproves large aspects of creationism..
Yeah doesn't really disprove the existance of God though, but I don't think Caitlin's statement was to be taken entirely literally.. 8-)

Hazel said...

Actually doesn't technically go against the theory of evolution? O.o because we still have an appendix even though we have no need for it..

Lawriet said...

slightly, after all beforwe modern medicine a burst apendix would mean death on most cases. However not everyone will have appendicitis, so I guess it dosent threaten the species as a whole, ergo it dosent matter in terms of evolution if it dissapears over time... I'd guess :p