Monday, 29 June 2009


I shouldn't do a blog at 22:50 at night because I have school in approximately 8 hours and 40 minutes. Sleep would be advisable at this point in time, bu- wait, Media's cancelled and I have a free second.. I can go in at break! :D Oh happy days.
Not really, though, because today has not been a happy day, no.
It has been a retarded day.
Basically, was rain + thick, holey trousers + shoes that aren't actually shoes anymore, they wouldn't even pass as socks + puddles + thinking it was week 2 (when it was actually week 1) for the fisrt 2 hours of the day + playwrights for 2 hours meaning I missed the first half of my Media double + epic rain turning into EPIC heat and sun, meaning heavy, wet trousers are now HELLISH + playwrights after school until 5; spending 2 hours and 10 minutes with a bunch of hyper active year 8s who really don't want to be there attempting to direct them in a play format + being collected by my sister because my mother had 'fallen asleep at the wheel' earlier and damaged her car + having nothing bought by my mother for me to have for tea + being disgustingly tired because of said events + getting into ridiculously pointless 'arguments' that are essentially something picky, out of the blue and not relevent being said which makes me not want to even bother attempting to be nice anymore, when really it shouldn't be effort anyway + not having been to the gym in like a week + ARRGH EVERYTHING ELSE.

I don't LIKE IT.

JESUS if this is what summer does to me, please, just piss off summer.

oh ffs my nose won't stop running either.


Catherineey said...

Summer will be good, It's fine. (:

Was your mother okay? She fell asleep at the wheel? Does she know why or was it just epic tiredness? :/

It's just a couple more days of playwrights for you, all will be over by friday.

Hazel said...

..playwrights is until next wednesday :(
and yeah she was just uberly tired.. she's fine i think ><

dani said...

you have my permission to quietly kill childre-