Sunday, 30 August 2009


Okay, I don't care how tired I am, if I don't do this now I will never do it. I fail at blogging so much lately, I suuuuuuuuuuuck.

AS level results were not as bad as expected. I got my A in media :D and a nice and safe B in Psychology and Drama. The E in music was just the proof I needed for my inability to do WJEC music. I got a U in the written paper. This is the first time I've actually been given a fail.. bar the time I got 10% in an A-A* paper in maths.. but that doesn't count. But yeah, I officially fail at music. Which is odd, considering my A* in music GCSE.
Music has gone byebye now, s'all good.
Having only three lessons will be good.. means I can go to the gym a lot more and hopefully have some very empty days in which I can go to Cardiff to see Rhys. Ohh yeah, Rhys got into Glamorgan with his ABB grades :D S'cuz he's awesome :) This means I'll be living on the train though, hopefully. If it can be fitted in my busy schedule.. well, that's if my interview at Waitrose today was successful.. God I hope it was, you have no idea how much I need the monies D:

School starts next Thursday. This is less than a week.. not impressed. I've done nothing this summer. As a final 'byebye summer :(' thing, I'm going to Alton Towers with Rhys and his sister Rhiannon (and possibly her boyfriend, John?) on Tuesday, Rhiannon's paying for us to go cuz of Rhys getting into uni :) Should be cool, I intend on going on Nemisis and Rita.. been on Air before and there is no way anyone would get me anywhere near Oblivion. I love theme park nachos, but typically I'll lose my apetite, I always seem to when there is food I really like around me. I also love theme park donuts (it's why I'm fat), they're easier to eat than nachos, so I will definitely be eating them at some point.
That's right, I look forward to theme parks because of the food.

So here is Catherine being Hayley Williams.

This was for some modelling competition she entered with a Magazine.. I don't think they've judged it yet. She stands a good chance though, she does look quite like Hayley Williams.. well, she could look a lot less like her so..


This is a butterfly. There are lots around this year, they like posing on the buddleia just outside the porch.

I am super tired. I promise I'll post up photos and more stuffs tomorrow.. well, I say tomorrow, I mean today.. it's 00:47.


Catherineey said...

What are you talking about, Willis?
You're not fat.

Why you need the monies? Driving?

Hazel said...

lenses.. and I have a feeling I'll be paying for my own macbook for uni next year as well so..
plus it costs me £5 to get to school each day 8-)

Hazel said...

oh and petrol money for the car for when I do eventually pass..

Lawriet said...

ABB wasn't that great :( but hey least I got in :) you now need a railcard :p

dani said...

1. why did catherine just call you willis?
2. agreed, you aren't fat.
3. i approve of this butterfly.
4. how is ABB not that great? o.O
5. my word verification code was 'arseyder'.. i see.

Lawriet said...

re4: - I didn't reach my potential with phil and eth... philosophy was lacking because of teaching and only me ruth and jack being the only ones who even seemed to care how we did in it :p happy with the B in drama tho

Hazel said...

oh shut up, B is above average. not being happy with ABB's just being stupid :P esp as you got what you needed. so quiet, you.

Catherineey said...

"What are you talking about, Willis" = Gary Coleman's catchphrase when he was in a tv show when he was little. (I do believe it was a fan asking him to say it who he lashed out at and attacked. He served time in prizon. I was watching top 100 catchphrases of all time at my dad's house.)

Aaanywho, my verification code was fun.

What you do with the monies bit is grovel to your parents for the macbook thing and try to get them to pay for some of it. Suggest going 50/50 or something, you'll be fine I am sure.

Did you hear back from waitrose since this was posted?

Hazel said...

not yet, won't til next week probs.