Friday, 7 August 2009


..well never mind 8-)
One of Dani's photos is the only one of the good photos that seems to have been acknowledged, all the other entries were clearly a lot worse than the awful things they picked to put on the mtv vote..
God it sounds like I'm sour.. maybe I'm just sooo bad at photography I don't even know what's good and what's complete and utter shite anymore 8-) yeah that's probably it :P Funny how one of the ones I thought was epic has managed to win one of the categories then.. *sigh* There were quite a few really good ones, WHY DIDN'T THEY CHOOSE THOSE?!!? I'm hoping it's because all the good ones weren't UK entries. If they were, I'm actually giving up on humanity completely.

This is Dani's winning entry, it won the 17-25 category for the brief 'What could I be?'

It's really good, I know. She won a map and a subscription to National Geographic magazine and is still in the vote on MTV's website for the best UK entry, where she might win a compact Olympus camera. You can vote here. DO IT.

So in my rage at the awful judging skills at MTV I went in search of ways to rectify my self-esteem drop involving finding more photography competitions. Probably not the best idea, as my track record so far isn't exactly brilliant (-1). All I found of any good were this and this. It wasn't hard to persuade my mother and sister that they want another trip to Slimbridge this summer, so I shall definitely attempt the wildlife one. Not so sure about the other one.
I'll think about it.
Or maybe I should quit whilst I'm.. er, behind :P Maybe I simply cannot be arsed :)

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Catherineey said...

Hazel. You are a very talented photographer. I am very proud of Dani for winning, but I was also very proud of your photos. They were epic. MTV are idiots as one of the photos was grainy and shite quality and the most un-original ideas possible. (I am of course reffering to the fat chav.)