Sunday, 5 April 2009

oh dear.

Oh dear.
Apologies for the massive gap between posts, I clearly fail at blogging. Although my excuse is relitively valid; been doing a looottt of coursework.
So glad I can drop music soon.
93/100 (A grade) in my media coursework though, woooo :D highest in the class, yeeeahhhhhh.
Also highest in the recent drama test.
Perhaps my brain is actually growing, gosh.

Orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr not.

Either way, things have been a bit screwed up recently. I'm not going into details.
But yes, serious mindmessing.

It's Easter hols now, going to London next week with Rhys' lot. Should be cool.
Although it means I have to do this ridiculously large amount of work all this week.
And I now have FOUR different tasks for photography cycles on bebo >< Oh dear. *busy* Anyway, here are some photos.

This was for 'Landmarks' task. Yeah, s'Caldicot Castle. Went down there with Rhys after school a week or so back, lighting kept going 'failwinfailwinfailwin' and yeah. Didn't turn out TOO badly... 20/20 I think but that is meaningless 'cuz the mod is tard.

This was for the task 'childhood'. It is awful, I detest the colours, but lighting was just a giant pile of poo. 49/50 though, wtf.

This was for 'Music'. It's for a group that wants anything creative, as opposed to just photography, so I did an edit. S'Dani's eye.. and my music coursework in the background ;D Although that wasnt the finished version of my cw, I was doing it at the time.
No more music coursework EVER :DDD

So yeah. The next set of tasks are Danger, Waiting, Balloons and Magic. Magic doesn't have to be photography.
Hmm. F'anyone has any ideas feel free to comment *ahem*.


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