Monday, 27 July 2009


Sorry blog.. almost a month.. oh dear.
The last 5 days have been ridiculous, really. I'll explain Thursday night, Saturday night and Sunday in photos.
Thursday was Will's party, Will being Catherine's boyfriend. Hearing they had started going out was a tad odd, I barely knew who Will was, just that he went to Primary school with Bethany.. I think.. and lived round by her. I now know that indeed he does live round by her.. in a castle.

I know, right?! Me and Dannio spent a fair amount of time sat on top of this tower. T'was quite cold :) especially at around half 10 at night.. This party consisted of around 80 17 year olds (a couple of year 9ers as well, apparently) brawling and raving and just generally being drunk. Me and Dani got to spent the night in a tent next to Will and Catherine, I say spend the night.. I didn't sleep at all, I was nicely kept awake by the nonstop drunktards and the noises being made by the Catherine to my left. (she kept moaning, for serious)

This was the sunset from the top of his towercastlehouse. It was being surprisingly pretty considering it would be the only time I'd see it from a towercastlehouse. Dani wanted silhouettey pictures of Will and Catherine for shoot nations, you can probably imagine how that went.

I think these two pictures sum it up quite nicely.
Now here are a nice array of photos from the rest of that interesting evening.

I loved those two cats, they were awesome. One of them kept coming into our tent when it rained.
But yeah, not an amazing night really, could've been worse though.
However, on the way home on Friday Soobuck's tyre decided to explode whilst going at 80mph right next to the dual carriage way. This was fun, definitely. We didn't have to sit right next to the incredibly fast traffic in the rain waiting for about 45 minutes for someone to remove Catherine, Danielle and I from the situation.. 8-) I believe this problem was resolved nicely, as Soobuck managed to drive to Birmingham shortly after.

So following this really good couple of days the normal response would be to sleep. I would love to have slept, really, my eyes were quite sore. I had to work on Saturday though (have I blogged about my job? gosh, no.. s'a small circle of shops in Tintern called Abbey Mill.. s'alright, s'good for earning a few monies each week) meaning I was practically falling asleep all day but still had to be smiley and helpful for all the touristy old ladies and Americans that seem to roam the streets of Tintern. I was quite relieved to be home afterwards, really. But then I was strapped into corset and shipped off to Monmouth Festival to see The Pigeon Detectives. I'd never heard of this band until then, I was quite impressed really. They're a very good live band and I did recognise one or two of their songs.. shocked someone so good was playing Monmouth Festival, really. I took maaany photos, I'll show you some of the best ones.

There are loads more on my facebook.
We retired to Dani's house at around 11:30ish where we proceeded to msn and tv into the night, not sleeping until about 4:30. Sfine though, cuz we got up on Sunday at half 12. :)
Sunday was carnival. Not sure how to rate it in comparison to last year, really. If you'd have asked me Sunday afternoon I'd have said last year was by far better, but I'm starting to associate bad things with Laura at the moment, really.. making every memory I have of her twisted.
Anyway, here are some carnival pictures.

Bumblebeemilbrook man was awesome. I have no idea who won, but he really should have. We're his fanclub :3

This was happyman. We met him the previous night after the Festival, he was handing out cards with the myspace for his band 'Anchor of Hope'. He was just so insanely happy the whole weekend, s'craazy.
Carnival wasn't amazing after the floats, was just RAIN. Me and Dannio went back to hers whilst Catherine had coffee with her dad for a bit before he buggered off to Greece.

Since then, Lindsey Fowler, who until now I'd really had no opinion of, she was just one of those people who was.. there, yknow? She seemed nice in art and ICT last year anyway. But yeah, she's been LauraLydia-ified and decided to post a 'HAHAHA i h8 darnelle' comment on a picture of Dani on faceborg. Laura's response was worse, really; 'i love you lindsey =]'. She's just being openly bitchy about us now, then.. to completely irrelevant people :). Thought she was more of a decent person than that, what with being friends with her for 11 years.. apparently not, apparently she's either changed dramatically in the past 6 months or she's just been a giant lie. Either one, she's not who I thought she was at all. I'm starting to really not regret any of this, if she's that kind of person I'm glad she's gone.
Fucksake, none of this was necessary really.
FAILIX decided to comment as well, tried preaching weed to me :) Thought that was quite good, then Lindsey once again decided to speak up. Ohh, then Jacob, who is apparently now in love with Lydia, mentioned on msn to Dani that Lydia was apparently in tears currently because 'Hazel was being mean on to her on facebook'.. lulwut.. I haven't spoken to or publically about Lydia in over 6 months, she really needs to find other ways of aquiring boyfriends. Urg, I'm so glad I left Monmouth when I did, I just wish I could've brought the few good people with me.

This whole situation is really ripping into me at the moment. They're the most pathetic people I've seen in a long time.. I wish they'd just grow up finally, but I can't see that happening any time soon. Unless this is what they've grown up into.. in which case, I guess it was inevitable.

I love Rhys :) Sorry I moan, I'm just a 'small minded, selfish' emo with not a lot to say that isn't revolving around me or my life in some way.
I also love Dannio, Catherine and Caitlin (despite her recent French activity).. you guise, never grow up plz (:
Oh yeah, Scott, I'm quiet in school because I left Monmouth due to the fact everyone in that year had decided they hated me and I'd really like that to not happen again, s'made me quite cautious when talking to other people, especially other people in my year at school.. so for fucksake, don't judge me by my recent internet activity, kay?

Rrrg :)
Sorry blog, I'll be more happy next time.. maybe. Yesss.


Catherineey said...

I love you Hazel.
remeber that. :)

LL, L and F will get over themselbves eventually. And Jake "doesn't know what [she's] talking about" when it comes to "being mean to her on facebook".

dani said...

Rhys Davies
I have a weird sense of humour; I would find shooting you in the face amusing. Take it how you like, I would find it rather funny.
Yesterday at 00:16

i think the conversation shouldve been left at this :)

Smaitlin said...

agreed with both statements.

and what makes you think we're going to grow up? :P
have you met us?
we're stuck in our minds as being about 9 when we're at our most mature kay?

love you xx

Catherineey said...

Agreeing with Caitlin. I will be six years old forevers. (: